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The facts about Menes will be found in this article. Menes is a pharaoh of the early dynastic period of ancient Egypt credited by classical tradition with having united Upper and Lower Egypt and as the founder of the first dynasty. You will find the other facts about Menes in the pieces of the description below.

Facts about Menes 1: Name and Identity

Initially, the menes was pronounced as ma’nij. Then by the early New Kingdom, the pronunciation change to be ma’ne. The name of menes means “He who endures”. The widespread use of Menes derives from Manetho, an Egyptian historian and priest who lived during the pre-Coptic period of the Ptolemaic Kingdom.

Facts about Menes 2: Narmer and Menes

Archaeologists firm to give rise to a theory identifying Menes and Narmer. It was caused by some factors such as the almost complete absence of any mention of Menes in the archaeological record and the comparative wealth of evidence of Narmer.

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Facts about Menes 3: The Reference of Menes

The ivory label from Nagada is one of the chief archaeological references to Menes. It  shows the royal Horus-name Aha (the pharaoh Hor-Aha) next to a building, within which is the royal nebty-name mn, generally taken to be Menes.

Facts about Menes 4: The Turin and Abydos King Lists

The Turin and Abydos king lists, generally accepted to be correct, list the nesu-bit-names of the pharaoh, not their Horus-names, and are vital to the potential reconciliation of the various records: the nesu-bit-names of the king lists, the horus-names of the archaeological record and the number of pharaohs in Dynasty I according to Manetho and other historical sources.

Facts about Menes 5: The Flinders Petrie’s Theory of Menes

Flinders Petrie associate Iti with Djer as the third pharaoh of Dynasty I, Teti (Turin) (or another Iti (Abydos)) with Hor-Aha as the second pharaoh, and Menes (a debty-name) with Narmer (a Horus-name) as the first pharaoh of Dynasty I.

Facts about Menes 6: The Dates of Menes Period

There are various date for the era of Menes among egyptologists, archaeologists, and scholars from the 19th century. Here are some of the dates of the first dynasty: John Gardner Wilkinson (1835) – 2320 BC, Jean-Francois Champollion (1840) – 5867 BC, August Bockh (1845) – 5702 BC, Christian Charles Josias Bunsen (1848) – 3623 BC, Reginald Stuart Poole (1851) – 2717 BC, Karl Richard Lepsius (1856) – 3892 BC, etc.

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Facts about Menes 7: The Modern Dates of Menes Era

The modern consensus dates the era of Menes or the start of the first dynasty between c. 3200 – 3030 BC and some academic literature uses c. 3000BC.

Facts about Menes 8: The History of Menes

By 500 BC, Menes claimed as a culture hero, and most of what is known of him comes from a much later time. In the Menes period, the Upper and Lower Egypt became a single kingdom and claimed as the first pharaoh of the First Dynasty. Menes was seen as a founding figure for much of the history of ancient Egypt.

Facts about Menes 9: The Capital of Menes

It is known that the Memphis city declared as the capital city of Menes.

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Facts about Menes 10: Cultural Influence

Menes had introduced the worship of the gods and the practice of sacrifice.

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