10 Facts about Merv Griffin

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You can find the interesting information in the 10 facts about Merv Griffin in this article. Mervyn Edward Griffin Jr was a famous American television host and media mogul. He started his career on the radio and a singer of big band who went appear in the film and on Broadway. Please read more this article to answer your curiosity.

Facts about Merv Griffin 1: Early Life of Merv Griffin

Merv Griffin was born on 6th July 1925 in San Mateo, California. His family is an Irish American. He raised as a Roman Catholic. Since a boy, Griffin had joined in a choir church. He can play the piano in a cool way, this ability involved in a part in his early entry into show business.

Facts about Merv Griffin 2: Merv Griffin’s Academic

In 1942, he graduated from San Mateo High School. He continues his study at the University of San Francisco. He was a member of the international fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon.

the 10 facts about merv griffin

Facts about Merv Griffin 3: Singing Career of Merv Griffin

Started at the age of 19, Merv Griffin began his career as a singer on the radio, appearing on San Francisco Sketchbook, a nationally syndicated programme based at KFRC. Unfortunately, in his young age, Griffin had a fat body, it was disappointed some radio fans when they show him in person. Amazingly, by 1945, Griffin had earned enough money to built his own record label, Panda Record, that produced songs by Merv Griffin.

Facts about Merv Griffin 4: Merv Griffin’s Career as a Game Show Host

The game show that produced by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman then known “Play Your Hunch” is hosted¬†by Griffin from 1958 to 1962. NBC is the primary networks for this game. Also, He hosted a prime time game show for ABC called keep talking.

Facts about Merv Griffin 5: Merv Griffin’s Career as the Talk Show Host

In 1962, Griffin was rewarded as the most successful of the guest hosts on NBC. Griffin launched a syndicated talk show for Group W (Westinghouse Broadcasting) titled The Merv Griffin Show. This show aired in a variety of time slots throughout North America, many stations ran it in the daytime.

Facts about Merv Griffin 6: Merv Griffin’s Career in the Late-Night Host

CBS gave Griffin a late-night show opposite Carson in 1969, a move which proved disastrous. But this network was uncomfortable with the guests Griffin wanted, who often spoke out against the Vietnam War and on other taboo topics.

Facts about Merv Griffin 7: Merv Griffin as A Game Show Creator

Griffin created and produced the successful television game show called Jeopardy in 1964.

Facts about Merv Griffin 8: Merv Griffin’s Honours

Griffin was inducted to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1974. In 1998, a Golden Palm Star in the walk of stars was dedicated to him.

Facts about Merv Griffin 9: Merv Griffin Illness

Griffin infected prostate cancer originally in 1996.

the 10 facts about merv griffin

Facts about Merv Griffin 10: Merv Griffin’s Death

Griffin died on August 12th 2007 (aged 82) in Los Angeles, California.

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