10 Facts about Mesomorph

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10 facts about Mesomorph will be told in this article. In the 1940s, American psychologist, William Herbert Sheldon categorised the human physique according to the relative contribution of three fundamental elements which he termed “somatotypes”. The somatotypes and their associated physical and psychological traits were characterised as follows Mesomorphic, Endomorphic, and Ectomorphic. Read this article to know more about Mesomorph!

Facts about Mesomorph 1: The Definition of Mesomorph

Mesomorph is marked by the greater than average muscular development, as determined by the physique-classification system developed by an American psychologist W.H Seldon.

Facts about Mesomorph 2: Somatotype

Somatotype is a taxonomy that developed in the 1940s by William Herbert Sheldon. He named this after the three germ layers of embryonic development: The endoderm (which develops into the digestive tract), the mesoderm (which becomes muscle, heart and blood vessels) and the ectoderm (which forms the skin and nervous system).

the 10 facts about mesomorph

Facts about Mesomorph 3: Constitutional Psychology

Constitutional psychology is also developed by Sheldon in the 1840s. But it is a now neglected theory. He attempted to associate his somatotype classifications with human temperament types. The foundation of this research originated with Francis Galton and Eugenics.

Facts about Mesomorph 4: The Three Types

Sheldon separated the physical body into three characteristics namely mesomorphic, endomorphic and ectomorphic.

Facts about Mesomorph 5: Mesomorphic Body Characteristic

The mesomorphic body characteristics such as hard, rugged, triangular, muscular, thick-skinned, and with good posture.

Facts about Mesomorph 6: Mesomorph Personality Characteristic

Mesomorph psychology characteristics are described as athletic, eager, adventurous, willing to take risks, competitive, extroverted, aggressive, masculine, macho, authoritative, strong, assertive, direct, forthright, blustering, dominant, tough, strict, fortunate, vigorous, energetic, determined, courageous, and ambitious.

the 10 facts about mesomorph

Facts about Mesomorph 7: Endomorphic Body Characteristics

Endomorph body characterised as fat, round, heavy, usually short, and difficulty losing weight.

Facts about Mesomorph 8: Endomorph Personality Characteristics

A person that categorised as endomorph is described as open, outgoing, sociable, amiable, friendly, affectionate, accepting, happy, pleased, satisfied, laid-back, easily complacent, lazy, ungenerous, selfish, greedy, well-endowed, and slow to react.

Facts about Mesomorph 9: Ectomorphic

Ectomorphic characterised as skinny, thin, slender, slim, lithe, lanky, neotenous, flat-chested, lightly muscled, weak, fragile, delicate, and usually tall. The personality of an ectomorphic person including intelligent, contemplative, melancholic, industrious, effeminate, submissive, inferior, perfectionist, quirky, idiosyncratic, sensitive to pain, soft, gentle, loving, helpful, placatory, calm, peaceful, vulnerable, humble, self-deprecatory, socially awkward, solitary, secretive, concealing, self-conscious, introverted, shy, reserved, defensive, uncomfortable, tensen adn anxious.

the 10 facts about mesomorph

Facts about Mesomorph 10: Criticism

The principal criticism of Sheldon’s constitutional theory was that it was not a theory at all but one general assumption, continuity between structure and behaviour, and set of descriptive concepts to measure physique and behaviour in a scaled manner.

Sheldon used thousands of photographs of naked Ivy League undergraduates, obtain without explicit consent, from a pre-existing programme evaluating student posture has been categorised as scandalous and perverted. Sheldon’s work has also been criticised as being heavily burdened by his own stereotypical and discriminatory views.

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