10 Facts about Meteorologist

Post On: April 2, 2020
By: Andi

This article will reveal the 10 facts about meteorologist. Through reading the fact about meteorologist, you will know the interesting and less-known fact about a meteorologist.

Facts 1 : General Information about Meteorologist

The scientist who study in the field of meteorology called meteorologist. Public also named the meteorologist as a weather forecaster.

Facts 2 : Description

The scope of meteorology is including earth’s atmosphere and its interactions with the earth’s surface, the oceans and the biosphere. The basic knowledge to learn meteorology is applied mathematics and physics.


Facts 3 : Climatology

Climatology is a science to estimate the various components to the climate and their variability to determine. For example, the wind potential of a given region or global warming.

Facts 4 : Air Quality

Air quality is one of the specialization of research meteorologist. It is undergone where they are interested in the phenomena of transport, transformation and dispersion of atmospheric pollutants and may be called upon to design scenarios for the reduction of pollution emissions.

Facts 5 : Atmospheric Convection

Atmospheric Convection is the area of meteorology research to refine knowledge of the structure and forces involved in tropical cyclones, thunderstorms and mid-latitude storms

Facts 6 : Operational Meteorologist

The operational of meteorologist or also known as forecasters:

  1. collect the weather data in some countries.
  2. Analyze data and numerical weather prediction model output to prepare daily weather forecast
  3. Provide the weather advice and guidance.
  4. Collaborate with the researcher for integrating science and technology into the forecast process.


Facts 7 : The Job Areas of Meteorologists

Meteorologists can be a consultant for private firms in studies for projects involving weather phenomena such as wind farms, tornado protection, etc. They also work in government agencies, private consulting and research services, industrial enterprises, utilities, radio and television station and in academic career.

Facts 8 : Training

The basic prerequisite to become a meteorologist has undergraduate university degree in meteorology. The training has to continue to the higher education for researchers.

Facts 9 : Some Widely-Known Meteorologists

  • Francis Beaufort, an inventor of the wind scale
  • Vilhelm Bjerknes, founder of modern meteorolgy who created the Bergen School of Meteorology, where researchers defined the frontal theory and cyclogenesis of mid-latitudes storm.
  • Jacob Bjerknes, son of the former, who attended the Norwegian School and who studied the El Nino phenomenon.
  • George Hadley, First introduce to the effect of the rotation of the earth in the explanation of the trade winds and atmospheric circulation.


Facts 10: Some Widely-Known Meteorologists

  • Sverre Ptterssen, member of the Norwegian School of Meteorology and one of the three team leaders of James Stagg for the Normandy Landings.
  • James Stagg, RAF meteorologist who was responsible for three teams of meteorologists predicting a lull for June 6, 1944, that allowed the landings in Normandy.

Are you happy reading the facts about meteorologist?