10 Facts about Mexico’s Independence Day

Post On: May 21, 2020
By: Andi

What you need to know facts about mexico’s independence day? Celebration of Mexican independence focuses on the moment the revolt began in September 1810. We collect the must-known information about Mexico’s independence day for reaching your insight.

Facts 1 : General Information about the Mexican War of Independence

The war was happened between 16 September 1810 – 27 September 1821 in Mexico. The war resulted an independence agreement:

  • Treaty of Cordoba
  • First Mexican Empire is established
  • Signing of the Declaration of independence of the Mexican Empire.

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Facts 2 : Prior Challenges to Crown Rule

In fact, there were relatively few challenges to Spanish imperial power before the insurgency for independence in the early nineteenth century.  One early challenge was by Spanish conquerors whose encomienda grants from the crown, rewards for conquest were to be ended following the deaths of the current grant holders.

Mexico’s independence day

Facts 3 : A Political Crisis in New Spain

The Napoleonic invasion made a great effect on Spain’s overseas possessions. This turn of events set off a crisis of legitimacy.

Facts 4 : The Hidalgo Revolt

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla is claimed as a father of Mexican independence, whose uprising on 16 September 1810. Amazingly, Hidalgo inspired tens of thousands people to follow him, yet did not organise them into a disciplined fighting force. Eventually, Hidalgo stripped of his priesthood, found guilty, and executed on 30 July 1811.

Facts 5 : Insurgency in the South under Morelos

Priest Jose maria Morelos carried on the insurgency on a different basis, organising the forces using guerilla tactics and importantly for the insurgency, creating organisation and creating written documents that articulated the insurgents’ goals.

Facts 6 : Insurgency under Vicente Guerrero

Vicente Guerrero emerged as the most important leader of the insurgency. Between 1815-1821 most of fighting for independence from Spain was by guerilla forces in the tierra caliente of southern Mexico and to a certain extent in northern New Spain.

Facts 7: The Inspiration to be an Independence Country

The movement for independece was inspired by the Age of Enlightment and the American and French revolutions.

Facts 8 : Creation of The First Mexican Empire

The Army of the three guarantees entered Mexico City and the next day Iturbide claimed the independence of the Mexican Empire as New Spain was henceforth to be named.

Facts 9 : Spanish Attempts to Reconquer Mexico

Even though the creation of the Mexican nation, the Spanish still want to hold onto a port in Veracruz that Mexico did not get control of until 23 November 1825.

Facts 10 : Construction of Historical Memory of Indepedence

In 1910, President Porfirio Diaz inaugurated the monument to Mexico’s political separation from Spain, the Angel of Independence on Avenida Reforma, as part of tbe celebration marking the centennial of the Hidalgo revolt of 1810.

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