10 Facts about the Marimba

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Facts about the Marimba inform us with a percussion instrument. The musical tones will be generated from a set of wood bars. The mallets will be used to strike the instrument. The sound will be amplified by using resonators located under the bars.  Compared to xylophone, it has lower-pitched tessitura.  The marimba is included as a type of idiophone. Why don’t you read the below post for more information about Marimba?

Facts about the Marimba 1: the development of Marimba

The development of marimba took place in Zimbabwe. The name Marimba has the meaning “song made by hitting planks”.

Facts about the Marimba 2: the uses of Marimba

Even though marimba is a traditional instrument, it has been used in many modern musical performances. It is a part of jazz ensembles, marimba concertos, woodwind and brass ensembles, orchestral performances and solo concert.

Facts about the Marimba

Facts about the Marimba

Facts about the Marimba 3: the contemporary composers

The contemporary composers are interested to experiment with the sound of marimba. There is no need to wonder that unique sound is produced by marimba in contemporary music.

Facts about the Marimba 4: the marimba player

How do you call the musician who plays marimba? You can call him or her a marimba player or a marimbist.

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Facts about the Marimba 5: other names

The Akan people who live Ghana call the instrument gyil. In Mali or Guinea, people call it heri or balafon.



Facts about the Marimba 6: the hand-held version

The hand-held version of Marimba was called karimba in many parts of East and Central Africa. It is believed that Queen Marimba created karimba.

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Facts about the Marimba 7: the national instrument

In Guatemala, Marimba has earned the status as a national instrument since 1821.

Facts about the Marimba 8: the design of marimba

In 19th century, wood was rarely used as the slats of marimba. People tended to use bamboo, glass or steel to create the slats.

the Marimba

the Marimba

Facts about the Marimba 9: the uses of marimba in 20th century

Carl Orff, Leoš Janáček, Pierre Boulez, Hans Werner Henze, Steve Reich, and Karl Amadeus Hartmann were the composers who used marimba in their works.

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Facts about the Marimba 10: the bars of marimba

The most valuable material to create the marimba bars is rosewood. The affordable version is created from Padauk.

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