10 Facts about The Mbira

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Facts about The Mbira gives information about the unique and traditional instument of musical from African consisting of a wooden board which installed by metal tines, it is played by fitting the instrument in the hand and plucked by the finger. Uniquely, the musical insturment has many names such as thumb piano, likembe, mbila, mbira huru, mbira njari, etc. Then, let me show you  about the interesting facts about the mbira in detail below:

Facts about The Mbira 1: The Name

So many names to called this instrument due to the vary so much languages and cultures had, other words, the different region and culture had the different name. some instance of names are: The  Mbira of the Shona People in Zimbabwe, The Likembe and Sanza in Congo, The Ikembe in Burundi, and many more.

Facts about The Mbira 2: History

This musical instrument had well-known widely in Africa approximately for more than a thoushands of years ago. firstly, the tines made by bamboo then it was change by metal. It was noted that the mbira with bamboo tines appeared in west coast Africa more or less 3,000 years ago and metal-tined founded in Zambezi River Valley about 1,300 years ago.

The Facts about The Mbira Musical Instrument

Facts about The Mbira 3: Origin

It was noted that the origin of the insturment came from African before it deployed in many places and even continent in this world. Many tribes all accros African Continent developed this uniqe musical instrument or mostly people said as thumb piano. That is really why so many variations of the Mbira.

Facts about The Mbira 4: Acoustics

Talking about accoustics it means talking about note. The scale notes arrangement of the most Mbira ascended on the tines from the center outward in an alternating rigth-left fashion. And the Chord being made by tines, then it was plucked, the tines was vibrate eventually it was resulting the harmony.

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Facts about The Mbira 5: Rhythm

The Mbira musical instrument is based on cross-rhythm.

Facts about The Mbira 6: Tuning

Variation kinds of tunings between families referring relationship of interval and not to absolute pitches. Yet, it  is common on African mbira to have higher notes to far left and right and the center of tines has the lowest notes.

Interesting Facts about The Mbira

Facts about The Mbira 7: Specific Tuning

Commonly, there are 7 kinds of tunings, namely: Nymaropa (the representative from Shona culture), Dambatsoko (played by Mujuru family), Dongonda (an octavelowerf than usual), Katsanzaira, Mavembe, Nemakonde and saungweme.

Facts about The Mbira 8: Use and Purpose

Originally, the purposes oh this musical instrument not for entertainment. It has a sacred functions or other word for religious purposes due to it has sound to attract spirit and ancestors.

Facts about The Mbira 9: Materials and Construction

The Mbira has different vary based on the tribes. Yet, the general construction was made by

Facts about The Mbira 10: Variant

The well-known variants of The Mbira are Mbira Dzavadzimu (a musical instrument which played by Shona people of zimbabwe), Mbira Nyunga nyuga (Origin from Tete Province of Mozmbique), Mbira Matepe (from along borders of Zimbabwe and Mozambique) and Nhare (Originated from Zimbabwe)

variant of the Mbira


That is all the lessknown Facts about The Mbira, do you like reading it?