10 Fun Facts about Labor Unions

Post On: October 4, 2016
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Facts about Labor Unions will explain the interesting information about the representatives of workers in United States. Since there are many industries in United States, the workers should have representatives, which legally defend them. There are various activities conducted by Labor Unions such as representing the workers who have violated contracts or even disputes with the management. The focus of Labor Unions is related to the collective bargaining on the working condition, benefits and wages of the workers. Let us check other interesting facts about labor unions below:

Facts about Labor Unions 1: the other activities

At the state and federal level, Labor Unions also involve in the electioneering and lobbying activities.

labor unions pic

labor unions pic

Facts about Labor Unions 2: the unions in United States

In United States, there are many labor unions. Both most of them are always associated with one of two organizations of AFL-CIO. The organizations were established in 1955. In 2005, the Change to Win Federation decided to separate from the AFL-CIO.

Facts about Labor Unions 3: the purpose of The AFL-CIO

What is the purpose of the AFL-CIO?  The focus of the organization is for solving the global trade issues. Actually, both AFL-CIO and the Change to Win Federation are on the behalf of the workers in Canada and United States for advocating the legislation and policies. The organizations also have active action in politics.

Facts about Labor Unions 4: the members of Labor Unions

In 1983, Labor Unions had 17.7 million members. In 2013, they had 14.5 million members in United States.

labor unions images

labor unions images

Facts about Labor Unions 5: the percentage of workers

In 1983, 20 percent of workers became the members of labor unions. The number was decreased in 2013 into 11.3 percent.

Facts about Labor Unions 6: the density of members

The density of members in the Labor Unions is 27.5 percent in Canada, 18.4 percent in Germany, 11.4 percent in United States and 70 percent in Finland in 2010.

labor unions facts

labor unions facts

Facts about Labor Unions 7: Labor Unions in private sector

The members of Labor Unions have decreased for around 7 percent in the private sector.

Facts about Labor Unions 8: the most notable unions

The police, teachers, government workers and city employees are the most notable unions in twenty first century.

Facts about Labor Unions 9: the majority of members

The majority members of Labor Unions are the inhabitants from California, the Midwest and the Northeast. Most of them were male and older.

Facts about Labor Unions

Facts about Labor Unions

Facts about Labor Unions 10: the payment

Due to their control on the labor, job and individual market, the members of Labor Unions earn 10 to 30 percent higher payment. Look at facts about Labor Day here.

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