10 Fun Facts about Labyrinth Movie

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Facts about Labyrinth Movie tell you about one of the musical fantasy movies.  The genre of the movie is adventure. It was released in 1986 in America. George Lucas was the producer of the movie. Jim Henson was the director. Brian Froud created the conceptual design.  The main point of the movie is related to the quest of Sarah played by Jennifer Connelly. The 15-year old girl has to save her kidnapped infant brother Toby. David Bowie played the Goblin King who kidnapped her brother. That is why Sarah has to deal with the journey to the giant maze.

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 1: the puppets

Labyrinth Movie is a unique movie for you can spot various kinds of puppets here. The Creature Shop of Jim Henson produced the puppets in the movie. They also serve as the significant characters in the movie besides Bowie and Connelly.

labyrinth movie images

labyrinth movie images

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 2: the shooting locations

There were various shooting locations of Labyrinth Movie. The pictures had been taken from in United Kingdom and New York.

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 3: the budget

There was a report made by New York Times, which stated that the budget of the movie was $25 million.

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 4: failure

Labyrinth Movie failed in to make commercial success in the box office. It only grosses $12.9 million in United States.

labyrinth movie pic

labyrinth movie pic

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 5: the last feature film

Labyrinth Movie that Henson directed was the last feature movie of his. Henson became demoralized because of the failure. In 1990, Henson passed away. Brian, the son of Henson stated that failure of the movie was one of the hard moments for Henson’s career.

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 6: a cult movie

Even though it failed in the box office, Labyrinth became a cult movie. In 2006 to 2010, Tokyopop published Return to Labyrinth. It was a comic sequel of the movie published in four volumes.

labyrinth movie facts

labyrinth movie facts

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 7: reboot announcement

Nicole Perlman denied the development of the reboot, which was announced in 2016.

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 8: the stars

Jennifer Connelly played Sarah Williams. She wanted to find out her kidnapped infant baby bother. Sarah was only 15 years old.

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 9: other stars in the movie

The other stars in the movie include David Bowie, Toby Froud, Shelley Thompson, and Christopher Malcolm.

facts about labyrinth movie

facts about labyrinth movie

Facts about Labyrinth Movie 10:  the soundtracks

“Home at Last”, “Thirteen O’Clock”, “The Goblin Battle”, Into the Labyrinth”, and Hallucination” are some soundtracks of Labyrinth movie.

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