10 Fun Facts about Leaves

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A part of plant is explained on Fun Facts about Leaves. Some people use the term foliage to call leaves. The shoot is formed by the stem and leaves. In general, leaves are flattened and thin. They are specifically used for photosynthesis. However, leaves are available in various colors, sizes, textures and shapes. The upper part of lamine or blade of the leaves features the palisade mesophyll. Get other interesting facts about leaves below:

Fun Facts about Leaves 1: the presence of palisade mesophyll

Palisade mesophyll is not always located on the upper part of leaves. It can be seen on both sides of the leaves in some species.

Fun Facts about Leaves

Fun Facts about Leaves

Fun Facts about Leaves 2: the upper and lower parts of leaves

The upper and lower parts of leaves are different. It can be seen from the number stomata, color, structure, texture and hairiness.

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Fun Facts about Leaves 3: megaphyllous plants

The megaphyllous plants are defined as the broad-leaved plants that have the megaphylls. The latter term is used to define the type of leaves, which have complex venation and broad shape.

Fun Facts about Leaves 4: microphylls

Microphylls are found on clubmosses. The leaves only feature a single vine and simple look.

Leaves Facts

Leaves Facts

Fun Facts about Leaves 5: the aquatic plants

If you check the aquatic plants, most leaves are submerged in the water. They are not above the ground.

Fun Facts about Leaves 6: the broad, flat and thin leaves

The common leaves found on earth are thin, flat and broad. The sunlight absorbed by the leaves is maximized due to the large surface area. It is also easier for the sunlight to penetrate due to thin property.

Leaves Images

Leaves Images

Fun Facts about Leaves 7: the unique condition

The unique condition may occur on the arrangement or behavior of leaves. In normal cases, the leaves are arranged without shading each other so that the sunlight can be well absorbed. The eucalyptus and willows have the pendent leaves during the windy season to adapt the harsh weather.

Fun Facts about Leaves 8: the leaves of conifers

Have you seen conifers? They have the needle like leaves.

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Fun Facts about Leaves 9: the additional function of leaves

In succulents, leaves have the additional function as storage space for their water and chemical energy.



Fun Facts about Leaves 10: structure and shape

The structure and shape of leaves are affected by several factors such as the level of sunlight, climate adaptation, and availability of nutrients.

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