10 Fun Facts about Lent

Post On: December 26, 2016
By: Agustina

Fun Facts about Lent tell the readers about a solemn religious observance. The people start the Lent on Ash Wednesday. It will complete in the six following weeks before Easter Sunday. This event is significant in Methodist, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.  The Lenten season is also observed in evangelical and Anabaptist churches. Let us get other interesting facts about Lent below:

Fun Facts about Lent 1: what is the function of Lent?

People celebrate Lent because they want to increase the importance of the Holy Week commemoration.

Lent Day

Lent Day

Fun Facts about Lent 2: recalling the traditions and events

Observing Lent means that people will recall the events and traditions of New Testament. They consider the importance of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection.

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Fun Facts about Lent 3: the beginning and climax

On Friday of Sorrow, the people will begin to recall the events and traditions. On Good Friday, people will experience the climax when they recall the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The observance ends when they recall the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday where people can perceive the happy celebration.

Fun Facts about Lent 4: the Christians and Lent

Most Christians will perform fasting during Lent. They also give up any kinds of leisure and luxurious activities.

Lent Facts

Lent Facts

Fun Facts about Lent 5: the spiritual discipline

The spiritual discipline is also observed during Lent where many Christians read praying.

Fun Facts about Lent 6: the removal of flowers

The altars of some Protestant churches and most Roman Catholic churches do not feature any flowers. They decide to eliminate the flowers. The violet fabric will be used to veil the important religious symbols, statues and crucifixes.

Lent in Nicaragua

Lent in Nicaragua

Fun Facts about Lent 7: the Roman Catholics

The Roman Catholic will remove the consumption of meat from their diet during the Lent.

Fun Facts about Lent 8: the days in Lent

In most traditions, Lent is available in forty days where people will have to do fasting. Fasting is considered as justice toward the self.

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Fun Facts about Lent 9: almsgiving

Almsgiving is considered as justice toward neighbor. It can be conducted when the Christians participate in the charitable act by giving their money or time.

Facts about Lent

Facts about Lent

Fun Facts about Lent 10: justice toward god

Prayer should be conducted for it marks justice toward God. The people can have a designated group to sing the Stabat Mater hymn or reading Lenten devotional.

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