10 Fun Facts about Liver

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The following Fun Facts about Liver will present the detailed information about a vital organ of a human being. The location of liver is below the diaphragm at the upper right of abdomen. This organ receives an important status for it performs various functions such as producing  biochemical for the digestive process, decomposition the red blood cells, synthesizing protein, regulating the glycogen storage, and detoxification of metabolites.

Fun Facts about Liver 1: bile

The bile is generated by the liver.  The lipid will be emulsified in the digestion aided by the bile.

Facts about Liver

Facts about Liver

Fun Facts about Liver 2: the storage for the bile

The bile will be stored inside a small pouch located under the liver. The pouch is called gallbladder.

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Fun Facts about Liver 3: the total functions

The common textbooks cite that liver actually performs at least 500 different functions. After you know that it is vital for our body, why don’t you concern about the health of liver?

Fun Facts about Liver 4: the liver failure

The only way to solve the health problem of the people who have liver failure is having the liver transplantation. The long-term replacement for artificial liver has not been developed.

Liver Image

Liver Image

Fun Facts about Liver 5: diseases

Liver is risky to various diseases because of its diverse functions and strategic location. The most common infection of liver is hepatitis, which causes inflammation on the organ. Hepatitis is caused by virus. It comes in several types such as Hepatitis A, B, and C.

Fun Facts about Liver 6: the alcoholic liver disease

The alcoholic liver disease includes the cirrhosis, fatty liver and alcoholic hepatitis that affect the liver because of the high amount of alcohol consumption.

Liver Facts

Liver Facts

Fun Facts about Liver 7: other causes of liver damages

The extensive consumption of drugs such as drugs for cancers and paracetamol may increase the damage on the liver.

Fun Facts about Liver 8: the symptoms of liver damages

The common symptoms, which may signify the damages on the liver, include the dark urine, excessive fatigue, swelling on the abdomen, pale stools, and yellow skin.

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Fun Facts about Liver 9: the diagnosis

Liver damage can be diagnosed by having a number of tests such as blood test and liver function test. If the cause of liver damage is not known, a biopsy usually will be performed.

Liver Anatomy

Liver Anatomy

Fun Facts about Liver 10: the regeneration

The only internal organ of human being, which has the ability for regeneration, is liver.

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