10 Fun Facts about Liverpool

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The major city located in North West England is informed on Fun Facts about Liverpool. In 2015, it was inhabited by 478,580 people. In 1207, it was a borough. In 1880, it received the status as a city. During the industrial revolution, the city was expanded. The port was growing.  Liverpool also had its involvement in the Atlantic slave trade. The development of the city was also related to the production of raw materials like cotton and coal, freight, and cargo. Let me show you other interesting facts about Liverpool below:

Fun Facts about Liverpool 1: the port of registry

Liverpool was a home for a port of registry for the famous ships like RMS Lusitania, RMS Titanic, Olympic and Queen Mary.

Facts about Liverpool

Facts about Liverpool

Fun Facts about Liverpool 2: the 800th anniversary

In 2007, Liverpool had its 800th anniversary.  In 2008, the city collaborated with Stavanger, Norway to hold European Capital of Culture.

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Fun Facts about Liverpool 3: World Heritage Site status

UNESCO has given World Heritage Site status for a number of regions in the city in 2004. There is no need to wonder that the city houses various historic and interesting buildings.

Fun Facts about Liverpool 4: Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City

William Brown Street, Albert Dock and Pier Head are included in the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City. It is also a tourism spot in the city.

Liverpool Facts

Liverpool Facts

Fun Facts about Liverpool 5: Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records dubbed Liverpool as the World Capital City of Pop because of the famous pop groups such as The Beatles.

Fun Facts about Liverpool 6: the famous football club

Liverpool FC and Everton are the two most notable football clubs in the city. Both play in the Premier league. The Merseyside derby is a term used to call the matches between two clubs.



Fun Facts about Liverpool 7: horse race

If you are a fan of horse race, you have to visit Liverpool. Aintree Racecourse houses the annual competition of Grand National horse race.

Fun Facts about Liverpool 8: the community

Liverpool is not only occupied by the white people. Do you know that the oldest Chinese community in Europe and Black African community in the world live here?

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Fun Facts about Liverpool 9: the climate

The temperate maritime climate is found in Liverpool just like other areas of British Isles. It has mild winter and cool summer season.

Liverpool at Night

Liverpool at Night

Fun Facts about Liverpool 10: the peak of population

The peak of population in Liverpool was recorded in 1930s when it was occupied by 846,101 people.

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