10 Fun Facts about London England

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Read Facts about London England if you want to know the important city in United Kingdom. In England, it is cited as the most populous city. The settlement in the city has been traced for almost two millennia. It is situated near River Thames. The Romans established the city under the name Londinium. The City of London is considered as the ancient core of London. It covers the medieval boundaries of 2.9 km square or 1.12 sq mi.

Fun Facts about London England 1: the present-day areas

Greater London is mainly made up London, England. The London Assembly and Mayor of London govern London.

Facts about London England

Facts about London England

Fun Facts about London England 2: the importance of London

London is an important city in United Kingdom. It serves as the center of professional service, commerce, arts, healthcare, tourism, research, media, finance, fashion, entertainment and education.

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Fun Facts about London England 3: the international event

One of the significant international events hosted in London is the Summer Olympic Games.

Fun Facts about London England 4: the spoken languages

At least 300 different languages are spoken by the people in London. It has diverse cultures and people.

London England Summer

London England Summer

Fun Facts about London England 5: the municipal population

London had been a home for 8,673,713 people based on the estimation in the mid-2015. It made up 12.5 percent of the total population in United Kingdom.

Fun Facts about London England 6: the urban area

The urban area of London is occupied by 9,787,426 people. The metropolitan area is inhabited by 13,879,757 residents.

London England

London England

Fun Facts about London England 7: the World Heritage Sites

If you are in London, you have the chance to visit four areas, which earn the World Heritage Status from UNESCO. They are the Greenwich settlement, area of St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey and Palace of Westminster, Kew Gardens and Tower of London.

Fun Facts about London England 8: the notable attractions

Besides the World Heritage Sites in London, the city still has many places to visit such as The Shard, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and St Paul’s Cathedral. London has many cultural institutions, sporting events, libraries, galleries and museums.

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Fun Facts about London England 9: the climate

The temperate oceanic climate is spotted in London. Compared to New York, Naples, Toulouse, Rome, Sydney and Bordeaux, London has less precipitation level. However, it earns the title as a rainy city.

London England Facts

London England Facts

Fun Facts about London England 10: the district names

The district names like Whitechapel, Wembley, Mayfair and Bloomsbury are often used to call the vast urban areas in London.

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