10 Fun Facts about Manchester United

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Facts about Manchester United give us the insights about the famous professional football club. The official name is Manchester United Football Club. The home base is located in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. Manchester United is considered as the first class football club for it competes in Premier League. In 1878, the football club was established under the name of Newton Heath LYR Football Club. In 1902, the name was changed into Manchester United. It earns the nickname as the Red Devils. In 1910, MU relocated to Old Trafford as their stadium. Check other interesting facts about Manchester United below:

Fun Facts about Manchester United 1: the impressive record

The impressive record of Manchester United was in 1998-99. At that time, Manchester United broke the history as the winner for UEFA Champion League, FA Cup and Premier League.

Fun Facts about Manchester United 2: European Cup

The first English football, which earned the European Cup, was Manchester United.  Matt Busby served as the manager of the club.

Facts about Manchester United

Facts about Manchester United

Fun Facts about Manchester United 3: the record titles

Manchester United has amazing record titles. It obtained 21 FA Community Shields, a joint-record 12 FA Cups and 20 League Titles.

Fun Facts about Manchester United 4: other winning titles

Manchester United also has other winning titles. It earns one FIFA Club World Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, one UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, three European Cups and one Intercontinental Cup.

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Fun Facts about Manchester United 5: Alex Ferguson

In 1986 until 2013, Manchester United has collected 2 UEFA Champions League, 5 FA Cups and 13 Premier Leagues under the management of Alex Ferguson.

Manchester United Facts

Manchester United Facts

Fun Facts about Manchester United 6: the current manager

On May 27, 2016, José Mourinho was appointed as the manager of MU after the retirement of Ferguson.

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Fun Facts about Manchester United 7:  the value

The yearly revenue of MU reaches €689 million. In 2015-16, it took the title as the world’s highest-earning football club. The value of MU was £1.98 billion in 2015.

Fun Facts about Manchester United 8: rivalries

Manchester United has a number of rivals. The prevalent ones are Leeds United, Manchester City and Liverpool. The current rivalry is spotted between MU and Arsenal.

Manchester United Robson

Manchester United Robson

Fun Facts about Manchester United 9: Ryan Giggs

One of the most notable players of MU was Ryan Giggs. He had 759th appearances.

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Fun Facts about Manchester United 10: Cristiano Ronaldo

Another valuable player of MU was Cristiano Ronaldo.  He was transferred to Real Madrid.

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