10 Fun Facts about Marco Rubio

Post On: May 21, 2017
By: Agustina

Fun Facts about Marco Rubio provide the information about an American attorney and politician. He was born on 28th May 1971. His full name is Marco Antonio Rubio.  He served as the Junior Senator from Florida in United States. In the past, he was selected by the Florida House of Representatives as their speaker. He is from Miami. Talking about his ethnicity background, he is a Cuban American.

Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 1: education

Rubio is an educated person. He had graduated from University of Florida and University of Miami School of Law.

Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 2: in 1990s

Rubio was appointed as the City Commissioner for West Miami in the end of 1990s.

facts about Marco Rubio

facts about Marco Rubio

Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 3: in 2000

In 2000, Rubio won the election as the member of House of Representatives in Florida. The 11th House district was represented by Rubio.

Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 4: House Majority Leader

Speaker Johnnie Byrd appointed him as House Majority Leader in 2002. In November 2006, he earned the position as a Speaker for Florida House of Representative for two years.

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Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 5: a new law form

Rubio established a new law firm after he had to leave Florida legislature because of the term limit in 2008.

Marco Rubio Pic

Marco Rubio Pic

Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 6: teaching

Rubio was an adjunct professor at Florida International University where he also teaches there.

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Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 7: as a Senator

In 2010, Rubio earned a place as a Senator of United States. The Senate is filled with four Latino Americans. Rubio is one of them.

Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 8: Donald Trump

Donald Trump appeared as the winner during the Republican primary after defeating Rubio in Florida. During the general election in 2016, he was reelected after Patrick Murphy from Democratic Party was defeated.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 9: siblings

Rubio had two sisters and one brother. Veronica is his younger sister whose husband is Carlos Ponce. Barbara is his older sister married to Orlando Cicilia. His older brother is Mario. He was raised as a Roman Catholic. When the family lived in Las Vegas, they went to Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Fun Facts about Marco Rubio 10: tenure as senator

Republicans were the minority during the first four years of Rubio in the Senate.  Nevertheless, it became the major party since January 2015.

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