10 Fun Facts about Memphis

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It is time for me to tell the 10 amazing facts about Memphis. Memphis is one of the cities in the USA. It is positioned along the Mississippi River in the southwestern corner of the USA. The population in this state based on the data in 2017 reached 652,236 population. Please feel free to read the other pieces of explanation of the facts about Memphis below.

Facts about Memphis 1: The Early History of Memphis

The site of Memphis has been a natural location for human settlement by varying cultures over thousands of years. The area of Memphis was known to be settled in the first millennium A.D. by people of the Mississippi Culture, who had a network of communities throughout the Mississippi River Valley and its tributaries.

Facts about Memphis 2: Memphis in the 19th Century

On May 22, 1819, the Memphis city was founded by John Overton, James Winchester and Andrew Jackson. After the ancient capital of Egypt on the Nile River, they named the area. In the 19th century, Memphis became a centre of trade and transportation due to a flood-free location high above the Mississippi River.

10 fun facts about Memphis

Facts about Memphis 3: Memphis in the Postwar Years

During the postwar, the demographics changed rapidly. In May 1866, the riot in Memphis happened for three days, in which white mobs made up of policemen, firemen and other mostly ethnic Irish Americans, attacked and killed 46 blacks, wounding 75 and injuring 100 people.

Facts about Memphis 4: Yellow Jack

Types of yellow fever epidemics devastated Memphis, with the disease being carried by river passengers along the waterways in the 1870s. Unfortunately, during the Yellow Fever Epidemic in 1878, more than 5000 people were listed in the official registered of death.

Facts about Memphis 5: Memphis in the Late 19th Century

The city was rechartered with home rule in 1893, which restored its ability to enact taxes. The state legislature established a cap rate. Although the commission government was retained and enlarge to five commissioners, Democratic politicians regained control from the business elite.

Facts about Memphis 6: Memphis in the 20th Century

In the 1950s, Memphis was the world’s largest mule market. Then in the 20th century, Memphis developed as the world’s largest hardwood lumber market, both commodity products of the Mississippi Delta. In terms of its demography, the city increased nearly fourfold in population between 1900 and 1950, from 102,350 to 396,000 residents.

10 fun facts about Memphis

Facts about Memphis 7: Memphis Geography

Memphis has the total area of 324.0 square miles (839.2 km2), of which 315.1 square miles (816.0 km2) is land and 9.0 square miles (23,2 km2) is water.

Facts about Memphis 8: Memphis Downtown

The downtown of Memphis rises from a bluff along the Mississippi River. The city and metro area spread out through suburbanisation, and encompass Southwest Tennessee, Northern Mississippi and Eastern Arkansas.

Facts about Memphis 9: Riverfront of Memphis

The Memphis Riverfront stretches along the Mississippi River from the Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park in the north to the T.O Fuller state park in the south.

10 fun facts about Memphis

Facts about Memphis 10: Aquifer of Memphis

Memphis aquifer located 350 to 1,100 feet underground.

I have told you the facts about Memphis, big hope that they will help for you all, thank you.