10 Important Facts about Lawyers

Post On: December 11, 2016
By: Agustina

Important Facts about Lawyers elaborate a person who practices laws. The lawyer may serve as chartered legal executive, barrister, advocate, counselor or even attorney. It is important for the lawyers to have knowledge about the abstract legal theories. The legal profession, which may be taken by a lawyer, depends on the legislation of the country.

Important Facts about Lawyers 1: the fused professions

There are various types of jobs, which can be undertaken by a lawyer with fused profession such as client counseling, advocacy, oral argument in the court, or even giving legal advice.

Lawyers UK

Lawyers UK

Important Facts about Lawyers 2: Dr Alberico Gentili

One of the notable lawyers during the Renaissance period was Dr Alberico Gentili. He lived from 1552 until his death in 1608.

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Important Facts about Lawyers 3: oral argument

In England, a barrister is considered as the person who represents a case of a client before a jury or judge.

Important Facts about Lawyers 4: the differences of solicitors and barristers

Today, the solicitors and barristers have different roles in England. The latter ones have to deal with the solicitors directly in the trial courts. The appellate courts are under the areas of the solicitors.



Important Facts about Lawyers 5: lawyers in United States

The fused legal profession is also spotted in United States.  The trial lawyers do not have any rights to act like a barrister.

Important Facts about Lawyers 6: the small case

When the people are involved in small cases, there is no need for the lawyers to represent the clients to save time and money.

Important Facts about Lawyers

Important Facts about Lawyers

Important Facts about Lawyers 7: lawyer in court

A client must be represented by a lawyer when showing up in front a judge in some countries like Portugal and Venezuela. The represented parties will enjoy a great deal of benefits for the lawyers are familiars with the procedures and customs in the court. The legal system is more effective and efficient.

Important Facts about Lawyers 8: the unrepresented parties

The legal proceeding will appear slowly due to the inexperience of the client related to the court matter.

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Important Facts about Lawyers 9: research

The lawyers have to do various researches before being involved in the court trials to represent the clients.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Important Facts about Lawyers 10: legal proceeding in Spain

The advocate has the job to argue the case and draft the paper. On the other hand, the one who presents the papers to the courts and signs them is the procurator.

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