10 Important Facts about Madonna

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You will be informed with the famous singer from United States one Facts about Madonna. Today, she is also recognized as a businesswoman, actress, and songwriter. She is often entitled as Queen of Pop. Many artists cite her as their inspirations. The autonomy of Madonna as a singer is also spotted in the recording industry. She is superb and creative. At first, she was interested to become a modern dancer. Thus, she relocated to New York City in 1977.

Facts about Madonna 1: the debut album

In 1983, Madonna released her debut album after Sire Records signed her in 1982.

Facts about Madonna 2: the successful albums

Madonna had mainstream success after she released her next albums.  In 1998, she released Ray of Light awarded with Grammy. In 2005, she had Confessions on a Dance Floor released in the market.

Facts about Madonna

Facts about Madonna

Facts about Madonna 3: the notable songs

Madonna is also a songwriter. She had written a number of successful songs, which released the peak of records charts. They included “4 Minutes”, “Like a Virgin”; “Take a Bow”, “Vogue”, “Papa Don’t Preach”, “Music”, “Frozen”, and “Like a Prayer”.

Facts about Madonna 4: as an actress

Madonna also expanded her career in acting. She took the main role in Evita (1996). You can also see her acting skill in Dick Tracy (1990) and Desperately Seeking Susan (1985).

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Facts about Madonna 5: the acting reception

Her role in Evita made her awarded a Golden Globe for Best Actress. However, most of her movies were not well accepted.

Madonna Facts

Madonna Facts

Facts about Madonna 6: Maverick

Maverick is an entertainment company established by Madonna. The label Maverick Records is also included in this parent company. There is no need to wonder that she is also known as a businesswoman.

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Facts about Madonna 7: other ventures

Madonna is also involved in other ventures such as filmmaking, writing books for children and fashion design.

Facts about Madonna 8: Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records call her as the best-selling female recording artist of all time for her record sales reach more than 300 million.



Facts about Madonna 9: a female rock artist

Madonna is always known as a notable female rock artist. Since 1990, her concerts have grossed U.S. $1.31 billion.

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Facts about Madonna 10: the impressive records

Madonna has a number of impressive records. She is called as the best-selling female rock artist of the twentieth century by RIAA.

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