10 Important Facts about Maryland

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Important Facts about Maryland tell the readers about the state located in Mid-Atlantic region.  Have you gone to Maryland before?  It shares borders with other states such as Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Virginia. The largest city in Maryland is located in Baltimore. Annapolis serves as the capital. Maryland has a number of nicknames, which include the Chesapeake Bay State, the Free State and Old Line State. Let me show you other impressive facts

Important Facts about Maryland 1: the name

The name of Maryland is taken from the name of the wife of Charles I of England. She was Henrietta Maria of France.

Important Facts about Maryland 2: the religious freedom

Maryland was historically known for its religious freedom. It was included in list of the original 13 colonies of United States. In 17th century, George Calvert established Maryland as a safe place for the Catholics persecuted in England.



Important Facts about Maryland 3: the first Lord of Baltimore

The first Lord of Baltimore was George Calvert. The seventh state, which ratified the US constitution, was Maryland.

Important Facts about Maryland 4: area and population

Maryland is a home for 6 million people. Therefore, it was considered as one of the most densely populated states in US. In term of area, it is considered as the smallest state.

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Important Facts about Maryland 5: the household income

Compared to other states in US, the highest median household income is taken by Maryland as of 2009.

Maryland Pic

Maryland Pic

Important Facts about Maryland 6: the economy

The economy of Maryland is diversified due to its proximity to Washington D.C. The economy of Maryland is centered on biotechnology, services and manufacturing.

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Important Facts about Maryland 7: the gross state product

In 2012, Maryland had the gross state product of $317.7 billion according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Important Facts about Maryland 8: manufacturing industries

The manufacturing industries of Maryland are centered on chemicals, computer equipment and electronics.

Facts about Maryland

Facts about Maryland

Important Facts about Maryland 9: mining

Mining also contributes to the economics of Maryland.  The western part of Maryland, which has mountainous topography, is considered as the primary mining industry.

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Important Facts about Maryland 10: Port of Baltimore

Port of Baltimore is considered as the primary service activity of transportation. In 2008, it took number 17 according to its tonnage. The bulk commodities and raw materials are the primary product handled in the port though it also handles other products like fertilizers, sugar, petroleum and iron ore.

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