10 Interesting Facts about Lima Peru

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Facts about Lima Peru talk about the capital city of Peru. It is also called as the largest city in the country. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean due to its location to the coastal area. Lima Metropolitan Area consists of Lima and Callao seaport. It earns the status, as the most populous metropolitan area for it is a home of 10 million people. In the Americas, it is called as the second largest city for the first one is taken by Sao Paulo city in Brazil. Let us get other interesting facts about Lima Peru below:

Facts about Lima Peru 1: who founded Lima?

On 18th January 1535, Francisco Pizarro established Lima as Ciudad de los Reyes. He was a Spanish conquistador.

Lima Peru Facts

Lima Peru Facts

Facts about Lima Peru 2: as the capital city

Lima is considered as an important city not only today, but also in the past. During the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru period, it was called as the capital city. When the Republic of Peru was established after the Peruvian War of Independence, the city was also selected as the capital city.

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Facts about Lima Peru 3: education

On 12th May 1551, National University of San Marcos was established when the country was still colonized by Spain.

Facts about Lima Peru 4: the important events

Lima has been selected as a host for various international events. In 1982, it became the host for Miss Universe. It hosted the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2014. It was selected as the host for 2019 Pan American Games in October 2013. The Annual Meetings of International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group were hosted in Lima in October 2015.

Lima Peru Pictures

Lima Peru Pictures

Facts about Lima Peru 5: the flag of Lima

Lima has its own flag with the embroidery of coat of arms located at the center of the golden colored silk canvas.

Facts about Lima Peru 6: the anthem of Lima

The lyrics of Lima’s anthem were created by Luis Enrique Tord. The music was composed by Euding Maeshiro. Ricardo Núñez was the record producer. On 18th January 2008, the anthem was sung for the first time.

Lima Peru

Lima Peru

Facts about Lima Peru 7: the indigenous groups

The indigenous groups who once lived in the present day of Lima were under the Ychsma policy during the pre-Columbian period. In the 15th century, it was under the Inca Empire. The empire was controlled by Francisco Pizarro of Spain in 1532 after Atahualpa was defeated. Pizarro served as the governor of the Spanish Crown.

Facts about Lima Peru 8: the Walls of Lima

Between 1684 and 1687, the Walls of Lima were built to protect the city from privateers and pirates.

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Facts about Lima Peru 9: earthquake

Lima and Callao were severely damaged by the earthquakes in 1746.

Facts about Lima Peru

Facts about Lima Peru

Facts about Lima Peru 10: climate

Lima has a mild desert climate due to the cool weather from the Pacific Ocean.

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