10 Interesting Facts about Mahalia Jackson

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The singer who had a powerful contralto voice is explained on Facts about Mahalia Jackson. She was recognized as a famous American Gospel singer. Jackson was born on 26th October 1911 and died on 27th January 1972. Due to her amazing voice, she was often dubbed as the Queen of Gospel. Jackson was also known as a civil rights activist.  You will get more Facts about Mahalia Jackson if you check the below post:

Facts about Mahalia Jackson 1: the number of albums

Columbia Records mostly recorded her albums. During her career as a gospel singer, Jackson had created 30 albums.

Facts about Mahalia Jackson 2: the choice of gospel

Jackson selected gospel as her primary music because she felt free when singing the music of God.

Facts about Mahalia Jackson

Facts about Mahalia Jackson

Facts about Mahalia Jackson 3: the birth name

The birth name of Jackson is Mahala Jackson. Mahalia Jackson was her stage name. Halie was her nickname.

Facts about Mahalia Jackson 4: the early life

The young Jackson was raised in Carrollton neighborhood of uptown New Orleans at Black Pearl section.

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Facts about Mahalia Jackson 5: the house

The house of Jackson was occupied by 13 people and a dog. It only consisted of three rooms. Her mother worked as a laundress and house cleaner. Her name was Charity Clark.

Mahalia Jackson

Mahalia Jackson

Facts about Mahalia Jackson 6: her father

John A. Jackson Sr. was the father of Mahalia. He worked as a barber and dockworker. Then he served as a Baptist minister.

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Facts about Mahalia Jackson 7: Thomas A. Dorsey

Thomas A. Dorsey was known as the Father of Gospel Music. She met him in 1929. Both of them went touring for 14-year collaborations in the mid 1930s.

Facts about Mahalia Jackson 8: personal life

Isaac Lanes Grey Hockenhull and Jackson were 10 years apart. Both married in 1936. In 1941, she divorced him because of his pressure on her to sing secular music. Moreover, Isaac had addiction on racehorse gambling.

Mahalia Jackson Facts

Mahalia Jackson Facts

Facts about Mahalia Jackson 9: “Move On Up a Little Higher”

“Move On Up a Little Higher” was the song which earned her fame and commercial success. The sales reached 8 million copies.

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Facts about Mahalia Jackson 10: other famous recordings

Other famous recordings of Jackson included “Silent Night” and “Let the Power of the Holy Ghost Fall on Me”. The latter one earned her French Academy’s Grand Prix du Disque.

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