10 Interesting Facts about Measles

Post On: December 31, 2017
By: Andi

Facts about measles will inform you about an infection and contagious desease caused by measles virus. Fever is the initial symptom, often greater than 400 C (104.00 F) together with cough, runny, nose, and inflamed eyes. Fastly, only two or three days after initial symptom appeared, small white spots form inside the mouth. Subsequently, red flat rashes emerge on the face and they spreads to a whole body in 2-5 days. The more useful information about this topic will be described below.

Facts about Measles 1: Complication

Complication with measles often happened either mild or serious complication. Mild complication such as dearrhea and seriuos one such as pneumonia, bronchitis, otitis media, acute brain imflamation and corneal  ulceration. In 1920s most of causalties died by measles pneunumonia by 30%. The people who are highly risk attacked by this desease are infants and children aged no more than 5 years, adults more than 20 years, pregnant women, and people with lack of immune, such as leukemia and HIV infection.

Facts about Measles 2: Cause of Measles

Measles virus is the cause of measles deseas, it is a single stranded, negative sense, enveloped RNA virus of the genus morbilivirus within the family paramyxoviridae. Fortunately, the formula to against the deployment of measles virus was found by Nobel Laureate John F. Enders in 1954.

facts about measles desease

Facts about Measles 3: Diagnosis

Clinical diagnosis of measles requires some symptoms such as fever of at least three days altogether with one of C’s (e.g. cough, coryza and conjunctivities).

Facts about Measles 4: Prevention

There is vaccine to prevent measles. Noted that measles antibodies transfered from mothers who have been vaccinated to against measles or who have been previously infected by measles to their children while they are still in the womb.

Facts about Measles 5: Treatment

There is no special and specific treatment applied for measles, or other words it totally based on the patient. For example, patients with uncomplicated measles can be recovered by rest and supportive treatment.

Facts about Measles 6: Prognosis

Most of sufferers with measles have possibility to infected bronchities, sensorineural hearing loss, and-in about 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 300,000 cases panencephalitis, which is usually fatal.

three days after the initial symptom

Facts about Measles 7: Epidemiology

Measles is a contagious infection. It means measles is extremely infectious and its continued circulation in a comunity. During 1980-2014 African region is the biggest region that infected by measles followed by region of the Americas, Eastern Meditranean Region, European Region, Southeast Asia Region and Western Pacific Region.

Facts about Measles 8: Names

Measles has some other names, namely morbili, rubeola, red measles, and english measles.

Facts about Measles 9: Research

Based on article on the internet, in May 2015, the journal science published that measles infection can increase risk for mortality. The treatment for measles can be conducted through ERDRP-0519 but this formula has not yet tested in humans.

measles virus

Facts about Measles 10: Measles in Europe

European has a great deal of measles cases. In 2013-2014 there were nearly 10,000 cases in 30 European states.

Do the facts about measles help you to know more about this desease?