10 Interesting Facts about Medieval Europe

Post On: April 19, 2018
By: Andi

In this article, I will present the  10 interesting facts about Medieval Europe. They tell about the history of Europe in the middle ages period between the 5th and 15th century. It started by the fall of the Western Roman Empire and merged with Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. Substantially, the middle ages of Europe devided into three traditional division of Western history including classical antiquity, the medieval period, and the modern era. Here are another pieces of amazing information of the interesting facts about Medieval Europe.

Facts about Medieval Europe 1: Periodisation

The medieval era is one part of three major periods in the history of Europe. Medieval researcher divided into periods such as the “six ages” or the “four empire”. Using tripartite peridisation applied by Leonardo Bruni in his History og the Florentine People (1442).

Facts about Medieval Europe 2: Later Roman Empire

During the second century, Roman Empire got the greatest territorial extent, but following two centuries, witnessed the decline of Roman reign over its outlying territories. The severe crisis was happened including Economic issues such as inflation and the cost of war with the Sasanian Empire.

facts about medieval europe

Facts about Medieval Europe 3: New Societies in Early Middle Ages

At the end of the united Roman Empire, the political structure changed in the Western Europe. In this period, the movement of people not only as an invasions, but also as a migrations of entire people in the empire. The invasions brough new ethnic groups to Europe.

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Facts about Medieval Europe 4: Byzantine Survival in the Early Middle Ages

During this period, the many problems should be faced by Byzantine Empire. For example, the involvement of Emperor Maurice in Persian politics. This bring to the peace condition, but when Maurice overthrown, the Persians invaded and during the reign of Emperor Heraclius controlled large chunks of the empire including Egypt.

Facts about Medieval Europe 5: Western Society

In the middle ages era, many aspects changed in western society due to some factors including eccleastical or religion affection, clothing or fashion, land settlement, and such like.

Facts about Medieval Europe 6: Rise of Islam

The early Muslim conquest divided into three periods. Expension under Muhammad between 622 and 632, Expansion during Patriarchal Caliphate in 632 – 661 and Expansion during the Umayyad Caliphate, 661 – 750.

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Facts about Medieval Europe 7: Trade and Economy

The trading system in the circle of Mediterranean disrupted by the migration and invasions of the 4th and 5th century. The western world mainly Germanic states was replaced the using of gold coinages into silver coin then it spreaded throughout Europe.

Facts about Medieval Europe 8: Art and Architecture

In this period, large stone building erected between the Constantinian basilicas of the 4th century and the 8th century. At this time, most of building used a transept, the crossing tower (for religious building), and a monumental entrance to the church.

Facts about Medieval Europe 9: Society and Economic Life

There are three well-known classes if medieval society, which are the clergy, the knights and the peasantry.

facts about medieval europe

Facts about Medieval Europe 10: Rise of State Power

Kings in France, England and spain appeared as the most powerful and influncial kingdoms at that time.

On the description above, I have informed the facts about Medieval Europe, and the last I hope you enjoy reading it.