10 Interesting Facts about Mercy Otis Warren

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You can find fun facts about Mercy Otis Warren in this article. Mercy Otis Waren is an American writer. She was a political writer and propagandist of the American Revolution. In the years before the American Revolution, Warren released some poems and plays that attacked royal authority in Massachusetts and opined that colonists to resist British infringements on colonial rights and liberties. Such an amazing fact, is not it? You will find another fact like this in the description below. have fun reading these facts about Mercy Otis Warren.

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 1: The Early Life of Mery Otis Warren

Mercy Otis Warren was born on September 14, 1728. She is a third of thirteen children and first daughter of Colonel James Otis (1702 – 1778) and Mary Allyne Otis (1702-1774). Unfornutaley, only six of her siblings survived until adulthood.

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 2: The Family of Mercy Otis Warren

The family lived in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. Mary Allyne was a descendant of Mayflower passenger Edward Doty. James Otis, Sr., was a farmer and attorney, who served as a judge for the Barnstable County Court of Common Pleas.

the less-known facts about Mercy Otis Warren

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 3: Mercy Otis Warren’s Academic

Mercy Otis Warren had no formal education, she studied with the Reverend Jonathan Russel while he tutored her brothers Joseph and James in preparation for College. Unlike most girls of that time who simply literate, Warren wanted to learn as much as possibly could.

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 4: Her Struggling in Education

She devoured book after book, learning about history and language. This makes her different from other girls and most likely paved the way for her to break the traditional gender roles of her time. Her father also had unconventional views of his daughter’s education, as he fully supported her endeavours, which was extremely unusual for the  18th century.

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 5: Mercy Otis’s Family Life

Mercy Otis Warren married James Waren on November 14, 1754. James inherited his father’s position as sheriff. His previous occupations included farming and merchanting. They had five sons, namely, James (1757-1821), Winslow (1759-1791), Charles (1762-1784), Henry (1764-1828) and George (1766-1800).

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 6: James’s Political Career

James had a distinguished political career with  Mercy. In 1765, he was elected to the Massachusetts House Representatives. He became speaker of the house and president of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress. He also worked as paymaster to George Washington’s army for a time during the American Revolutionary War.

the less-known facts about Mercy Otis Warren

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 7: Mercy’s Political Career

Mercy Warren actively participated in the political life of her husband. The Warrens became more involve in the conflict between the American colonies and the British Government.

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 8: Revolutionary Writing

All of Mercy’s works aired anonimously until 1790 when she published poems, dramatic and miscellaneous, the first work bearing her name. The book contains eighteen political poems and two plays.

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 9: Revolutionary Politics

Mercy became a correspondent and also advisor to many political leaders, including Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and especially John Adam.

the less-known facts about Mercy Otis Warren

Facts about Mercy Otis Warren 10: The Death of Mercy

Mercy Otis was dead on October 19, 1814.

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