10 Interesting Facts about Metis Culture

Post On: April 21, 2020
By: Andi

10 Interesting facts about metis culture will be revealed in this article. The metis is an indigenous group in Canada and some parts of the United States between the Great Lakes region and the Rocky mountain. Further information about Metis culture would be explained in the explanation below.

Facts 1 : The Word of Metis Culture

Metis is the French word for “mixed-blood”. The word is a cognate of the Spanish word “mestizo and the Portuguese word “mestico”. Michif is a language spoken by Metis people of Western Canada and adjacent areas of the United States, mostly a mix Cree and Canadian French.

Facts 2 : Metis People in Canada

The Metis people in Canada are the First Nations or originally Canadian and European settlers, primarily in the French, in the early decades of the colonisation od the west. The metis people known as Canada’s aboriginal people under the Constitution Act of 1982, along with the First Nation and Inuit people.

Metis Blue flag

Facts 3 : The Distribution of Metis People in Canada

Based on the statistics Canada in 2016. Most of Metis people are in Manitoba, it reaches almost 8%. It is followed by Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Nova Scotia, Alberta, etc. Then the lowest metis population are in Nunavut, it was only 0.5%.

Facts 4 : Self-identify and Legal Status

587,545 people in Canada were self-identified as Metis in 2016. They represented 35.1% of the total Aboriginal population and 1.5% of the total Canadian population.

Unlike among first nations people, there is no differences between treaty status and non-treaty status. The metis did not sign treaties with Canada, with exception of an adhesion of treaty 3 in Northwest Ontario. The legal definition is not yet fully developed. In 2003, the supreme court Canada defined a Metis community, and is accepted by the modern community with continuity to the historic Metis community.

Facts 5 : Historical View of Identify

Organizing and political activity define “The Metis” gaining official recognition from the national government as one of the recognized Aboriginal groups in s.35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

Metis Bufallo Hunt

Facts 6 : Lack of a Legal Definition

Unfortunately, there is no clarity who has the moral and legal authority to define the word “metis”. There is nothing comprehensive legal definition of Metis status in Canada. Some people argued that one of the rights of an indigenous people is to define its own identity, precluding the need for a government-sanctioned definition.

Facts 7 : The Advocacy Groups of Metis

There are two main advocacy groups claim to speak for the Metis in Canada, namely Congress of Aboriginal People (CAP) and the Metis National Council (MNC).  They have a different approachment to define the Metis.

Facts 8 : Land Ownership

The metis sold of the 600,000 acres that they received in the first settlement. It became a central issue. The Alberta government passed the “Metis Population Betterment Act” in 1983. The act provided funding and land to the Metis.

Metis Fur trader 1870

Metis Fur trader 1870

Facts 9 : Language

A majority of the Metis once spoke, and many still speak, either Metis French or an Indigenous language such as Mi’kmaq, Cree, Anishinaabewomin, Denesoline, etc.

Facts 10 : Flag

The Metis flag is one of the oldest patriotic flags originating in Canada.

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