10 Interesting Facts about Mexican Culture

Post On: June 15, 2020
By: Andi

Do you want to know more the facts about Mexican culture? Yess, you are o the right article. The culture of Mexico reflects the country’s complex history and is the result of the gradual blending of native culture with Spanish culture and other Mexican cultures. In the down below, you can read the amazing that just a few people who know the information.

Facts 1 : Religion

Roman Catholicism is the main religion in Mexico. It is brought by the Spanish arrival and colonization.

In 2010, almost 96% of the Mexico’s population is Christian. It is the biggest number of Catholics after Brazil.

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Facts 2 : Arts

People know that Mexico is rich in folk art traditions. They mostly derived from the indigenous and Spanish crafts. Collorfully embroidered cotton garments, cotton or wool shawls and outer garments and colourful basket and rugs are seen everywhere.

Mexican Culture

Facts 3 : Literature

Netzahualcoyotl is the most well-known prehispanic poet in Mexico. The Spanish colonisation influenced the modern mexican literature. The well-known and outstanding colonial writers and poets include Juan Ruiz de Alarcon and Sor Juana de la Cruz. Other notable writers are include Alfonso Reyes, Jose Joaquin Fernandez de lIzardi, Ignacio Manuel, etc.

Facts 4 : Language

Amazingly, Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. In Mexico, there is no de jure official language ar the federal level.

Facts 5 : Architecture

Interestingly, Mexico has more sites on the UNESCO World Heritage list than any other country in the Americas, most of which pertain to Mexico’s architectural history.

Mesoamerican architecture in Mexico is the best-known , ceremonial and urban monumental buildings and structures, several of which are the largest monuments ub the world.

There are three eras of the Mesoamerican architecture, pre-classic, Classic, and Post-classic.

Facts 6 : Cinema

The periods between 1935 and 1959 became the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, where the quality and economic success of the cinema of Mexico reached its peak.

The recent film makers include Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro, Carlos Reygadas, etc.

Mexican Culture

Facts 7 : National Holidays

16 September becomes Mexican national holidays. In that day, Mexico celebrate their Independence from Spain. Many Mexican cities, towns, and villages hold a yearly festival to commemorate their local saints.

Facts 8 : Cuisine

The Mexican traditional mixed of indigenous and European cultures. Mexican ingredients consisted of maize, beans, both red and white meats, potatoes, tomatoes, seafood, chili peppers, squash, nuts, avocados and various herbs native to Mexico.

Facts 9 : Music and Dance

The original music of Mexico used drums, flutes, conches as trumpets and their voices to make music and dances.

Mexican Culture

Facts 10: Sport

Charreria is the traditional sport of Mexico that consists of a series of equestrian events.

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