10 Most Important Facts about Life

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Let me show you the detail information about human on Facts about Life. The modern human being is called Homo sapiens. It is included in the branch of tribe Hominini called human tribe or Hominina tribe. This group is included in the great apes family. The characteristics of Homo sapiens include the complex social system, complex brain structure, improved usage of tools, manual dexterity, and bipedal locomotion and erect posture. Here are other interesting facts about the human life to notice:

Facts about Life 1: the early hominins

The non-human apes are considered as the ancestors of the early hominins. Both of them shared the similar anatomy and brains.

Facts about Human Life

Facts about Human Life

Facts about Life 2: the occupations

The areas located in Eurasia were inhabited by some of the early hominins. For around 200,000 years ago, the modern Homo sapiens rose in Africa. Around 50,000 years ago, they started to developed modern behavior.

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Facts about Life 3: the spread of modern human

The spread of modern human in various parts of the world took place in some migration waves. They were out of Africa.

Facts about Life 4: evolutionary success

The modern home sapiens evolved successfully. They had well developed temporal lobes, prefrontal cortex and neocortex. The brain was larger. Compared to other animals, they had the ability to use tools, created fire, cooked food and applied the symbolic communication.

Facts about Life Image

Facts about Life Image

Facts about Life 5: the social structures

The social structures of human beings are complex. The groups were divided into kinship and families. The rituals, norms, customs and values were shared among the humans.

Facts about Life 6: the development of science

Science was developed because human being has a great level of curiosity. There is no need to wonder that human developed the field of anthropology, religion, philosophy and mythology.

Facts about Life

Facts about Life

Facts about Life 7: the human existence

Hunting and gathering were considered as the primary activities conducted for human existence. Due to the growth of human population, the sedentary lifestyle was applied around 10,000 years ago when human began their farming and domesticated animals.

Facts about Life 8: the global population

It was reported that the total population of the world reached 7.3 billion individuals.

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Facts about Life 9: altering the habitat

Due to the development of technology, human has the ability to change their habitat.

Life on Earth

Life on Earth

Facts about Life 10: the climates

The climates are not a big deal today because of the presence of technology. The outer space, ocean depths and Antarctica had been explored by humans because of their technology.

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