10 Short Facts about Lung Cancer

Post On: March 30, 2017
By: Agustina

Read Short Facts about Lung Cancer to get the information about a malignant lung tumor. People also call it as lung carcinoma. The tissues of lung are affected by the uncontrolled cell growth. The nearby tissues of lung and other parts of the body might be affected by the growth if lung cancer is not treated well. The term carcinoma is used to call the primary lung cancer, which begins in the lung.

Short Facts about Lung Cancer 1: the types of lung cancers

The lung cancer is divided in two major types. They are the NSCLC or non-small-cell lung carcinoma or SCLC or small-cell lung carcinoma.

Short Facts about Lung Cancer 2: the prevalent symptoms

The prevalent symptoms of lung cancer include weight loss, coughing, chest pains and shortness of breath.

Facts about Lung cancer

Facts about Lung cancer

Short Facts about Lung Cancer 3: the primary cause

The long-term tobacco smoking is the primary cause of almost 85 percent of lung cancer. The people who have never smoked and have lung cancer account for 10 to 15 percent of the cases.

Short Facts about Lung Cancer 4: the other causes

Other causes of lung cancer include exposure of air pollution, second-hand smoke, exposure of asbestos, exposure of radon gas and genetic factors.

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Short Facts about Lung Cancer 5: diagnoses

The CT scans and chest radiographs are used to spot the lung cancer. The biopsy will confirm the diagnosis of lung cancer.

Lung Cancer cell

Lung Cancer cell

Short Facts about Lung Cancer 6: how to prevent lung cancer

The major prevention of lung cancer is by avoiding air pollution and smoking.

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Short Facts about Lung Cancer 7: treatment

The stage and type of lung cancer will determine the treatment for patients with lung cancer.  Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery are some prevalent treatments for lung cancer.

Short Facts about Lung Cancer 8: the people with lung cancer

Lung cancer had affected 1.8 million people in the world in 2012. It led into the death of 1.6 million people. It is the second most prevalent cause of death related to cancer for women.  In men, it is the first cancer related death.

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer

Short Facts about Lung Cancer 9: tobacco smoking

Tobacco smoking is considered as the main cause of lung cancer. Many western countries ban smoking in public areas like workplaces and restaurants to prevent the disease.

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Short Facts about Lung Cancer 10: lifestyle

The lower risk of having lung cancer is spotted on the people who eat higher amount of fruit and vegetables.

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