Top 10 Facts about Lady Macbeth

Post On: December 3, 2016
By: Agustina

The following Facts about Lady Macbeth will explain about a notable character in Macbeth written by Shakespeare.  Lady Macbeth is the wife of a Scottish nobleman named Macbeth. He is an antagonist in the play. Macbeth took the throne as the queen of Scotland after she was successfully goading her husband into regicide. However, Macbeth was suffered from guilt because she took part in the crime. During the last act, Macbeth committed suicide. Let us check other interesting facts about Lady Macbeth below:

Facts about Lady Macbeth 1: the wife of King Duncan

The wife of King Duncan and Lady Macbeth were actually cousins or siblings based on some genealogists. The claim to the throne of Scotland was at the hand of Duncan’s wife. This situation put Lady Macbeth in hatred and jealousy.

lady macbeth facts

lady macbeth facts

Facts about Lady Macbeth 2: Lady Macbeth in the play

In the first two acts of Macbeth, the strong presence of Lady Macbeth is spotted. The role of Lady Macbeth in the plot is declined after King Duncan is murdered.

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Facts about Lady Macbeth 3: the turning point in Macbeth

The turning point in the play is perceived in the sleepwalking scene at the fifth act. The speech of Macbeth in the fifth act was inspired by the report of Lady Macbeth’s death.

Facts about Lady Macbeth 4: the point of view of analysts

The conflict between the masculinity and femininity is spotted by the analysts when examining Lady Macbeth character in the play.

lady macbeth pic

lady macbeth pic

Facts about Lady Macbeth 5: the personalities of Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth tries to embrace the masculinity for she prefers power, ruthlessness and ambition to the feminine values like fragility, motherhood and compassion.

Facts about Lady Macbeth 6: the role of Lady Macbeth

There are various notable actors in the world attracted with the role of Lady Macbeth in the play. The actors include Marion Cotillard, Vivien Leigh, Sarah Siddons, Angela Bassett, Tabu, Helen Faucit, and Alex Kingston.

lady macbeth

lady macbeth

Facts about Lady Macbeth 7: the first appearance of Lady Macbeth

The first appearance of Lady Macbeth is on scene five in the first act.  In the scene, she knows the prophecies of three witches that her husband will become a king.

Facts about Lady Macbeth 8: the overnight guest

Lady Macbeth plots a murder when finding out that King Duncan is their overnight guest. After debating, her husband finally agrees with her plot.

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Facts about Lady Macbeth 9: murdering the king

The attendants of the king were drugged and she lays daggers so that the attendants will become the suspect for the king’s murder. The sleeping king is killed by Macbeth.

facts about lady macbeth

facts about lady macbeth

Facts about Lady Macbeth 10: the view toward Lady Macbeth

Lady Macbeth is often viewed as an anti-mother character.

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