Top 10 Facts about Leeches

Post On: December 18, 2016
By: Agustina

Check the interesting information about the segmented worms on facts about leeches.  The animals are included in the subclass Hirudinea and phylum Annelida. Leeches are different from oligochaetes for the former ones do not own bristles. The famous example of oligochaetes is earthworms. However, both are hermaphrodites.

Facts about Leeches 1: the body of leeches

Leeches have two suckers located at each edge of the body. The connective tissue on the coelom creates dense texture.



Facts about Leeches 2: the habitat of leeches

Most leeches can be found in freshwater habitat. Some of them can be found in the marine water and terrestrial habitat.

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Facts about Leeches 3: Hirudo medicinalis

Hirudo medicinalis is considered as the most prominent example of leeches. The common name is medicinal leech, which feeds on the blood of vertebrate.

Facts about Leeches 4: the predatory animals

Most leeches are considered as the predatory animals. The other invertebrates are their diet that they will swallow. The body waving and head movements are the notable examples for the exploratory behavior of leeches.

Leeches Bites

Leeches Bites

Facts about Leeches 5: the number of leech species

There are 700 known species of leeches today.  The terrestrial ones are 90 species, while the marine leeches are 100 species. The remaining of them are the freshwater leeches.

Facts about Leeches 6: the medicinal usage

Leeches have been used for medicinal usage since the traditional era. The blood can be removed from a patient by using Hirudo medicinalis.

Leeches Suckers

Leeches Suckers

Facts about Leeches 7: the practice of leeching

The practice of leeching is not a new thing for it was dated back in ancient Greek and Indian period. Then it spread into North America and Europe in 18th and 19th centuries.

Facts about Leeches 8: the modern uses of leeches

Now leeches have different uses. In Germany, leeches are used to treat osteoarthritis. It has been employed for the plastic surgeries and reattachment parts of body.

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Facts about Leeches 9: a segmented animal

Leeches are characterized as a segmented animal for it has 102 annuli. The 32 segments are found on the internal structure. The head segments account for the first four anterior segment.

Facts about Leeches

Facts about Leeches

Facts about Leeches 10: hermaphrodites

During the copulation, the sperm will be transferred. The reproduction process of leeches is conducted with reciprocal fertilization. This annelid is hermaphrodites, which means that it has male and female reproductive organs.

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