Top 10 Facts about Locusts

Post On: February 27, 2017
By: Agustina

If you want to know the animals with the swarming phase, look at Facts about Locusts. The animals are included in the family Acrididae. They are considered as the short-horned grasshoppers. Most of them have solitary behavior. However, it is possible to notice locusts having the gregarious behaviors when they are abundant. They may alter the habits and behaviors. The agriculture will not be threatened when locusts are in solitary state.

Facts about Locusts 1: the low number of locusts

The number of locusts is low when they are in solitary phase. However, they may alter the behavior by breeding abundantly. It occurs during the fast vegetation growth and after the drought. The changes on their habits and behaviors are triggered by the serotonin in the brain. There is no need to wonder that they become nomadic and gregarious.



Facts about Locusts 2: the crops

When locusts are abundant, they become the major economic threat for agriculture. The crops are damaged by the movement of locusts’ bands and swarms.

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Facts about Locusts 3: plagues

Since the prehistoric era, locusts have been associated with plagues. They are seen as the cause of human migrations and famine because of the damaging crops in the fields.

Facts about Locusts 4: locusts in the prehistoric time

The Quran and Bible have mentioned locusts. Moreover, the tombs of ancient Egyptians featured the locust carving.

Locusts Image

Locusts Image

Facts about Locusts 5: how to prevent locusts

The common ways conducted by the farmers to control the population of locusts are by having better surveillance and agricultural practices.

Facts about Locusts 6: how to control the population

The farmers introduce the biological control as well as insecticides to decrease the locust population.

Locusts Facts

Locusts Facts

Facts about Locusts 7: the usage of locusts

When people study zoology, they often use locusts due to the big size.

Facts about Locusts 8: as food

Do you know that many countries in the world consume locusts as edible food?

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Facts about Locusts 9: the locust plague in 1966 to 1969

In 1966 until 1969, the locust plague occurred in Asia, Middle East and Africa. They were concentrated in smaller area even though the number of the population increased significantly. It covered the area of 1,900 square miles from 39,000 square miles. However, the population of locusts was increased to 30 billion from 2 billion.

Facts about Locusts

Facts about Locusts

Facts about Locusts 10: the habitat of locusts

Locusts can be found in all parts of the world except Antarctica. India, Middle East and North Africa are the home for the famous desert locust.

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