Top 10 Facts about Louisiana Purchase

Post On: March 16, 2017
By: Agustina

If you want to know more about the acquisition of Louisiana territory, check Facts about Louisiana Purchase. In French, the event is called Vente de la Louisiane which means Sale of Louisiana. The covered area was measured at 2.14 million km square or 828,000 sq mi. In 1803, Louisiana was purchased by United States from France. Here are other interesting facts about Louisiana to notice:

Facts about Louisiana Purchase 1: the payment

France got fifty million francs or $11,250,000 as the payment for Louisiana. Moreover, the debt with the worth of 18 million franc or $3,750,000 was canceled.

Facts about Louisiana Purchase 2: the total payment

The total payment in Louisiana Purchase was gained from the cast and debt cancelation. The worth was 68 million francs or  $15,000,000. The price equals with a quarter of a billion in 2016.

Facts about Louisiana Purchase

Facts about Louisiana Purchase

Facts about Louisiana Purchase 3: the land

The land included in Louisiana Purchase covered two provinces in Canada and 15 states in US.

Facts about Louisiana Purchase 4: the present-day land

The present-day land of Louisiana Purchase covers the area in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and others.

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Facts about Louisiana Purchase 5: Canada provinces

The two provinces in Canada included in Louisiana Purchase are Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Louisiana Purchase Facts

Louisiana Purchase Facts

Facts about Louisiana Purchase 6: the population

Louisiana territory was occupied by 60,000 non-native residents. The African slaves accounted for 50 percent of the non-native ones.

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Facts about Louisiana Purchase 7: the possession of Louisiana territory

Since 1699, Louisiana territory had been possessed by Kingdom of France. In 1762, Kingdom of Spain took over the territory. The control over the territory was regained by Kingdom of France in 1800 under Napoleon.

Facts about Louisiana Purchase 8: selling Louisiana territory

Napoleon had no option, but to sell Louisiana territory to United States due to his failure on Saint-Domingue revolt and warfare with UK. US accepted the bargain though initially wanted to get New Orleans and its coastal areas.

Louisiana Purchase Pictures

Louisiana Purchase Pictures

Facts about Louisiana Purchase 9: Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the president of United States when Louisiana Purchase took place. He was the third president of United States. The Federalist Party opposed the decision to purchase the territory before the finalized purchase. The opposition believed that acquiring any territory was unconstitutional.

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Facts about Louisiana Purchase 10: the deal

Robert Livingston, Barbe Marbois and James Monroe signed Louisiana Purchase Treaty on April 30th, 1803 in Paris.  On 4th July 1803, the news about Louisiana Purchase was announced by the president to the American people.

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