Top 10 Facts about Malaga

Post On: April 24, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with a municipality located in Andalusia, Spain on Facts about Malaga. In 2015, it was a home for 569,130 individuals.  In Spain, it is the sixth largest city. In Andalusia, it is the second most populous city. Malaga receives the status as one of the oldest cities in the world because the history was traced back around 2,800 years ago. In 770 BC, Phoenicians established Malaga as Malaka. The rule of Ancient Carthage controlled Malaka since the sixth century. Get other facts about Malaga by reading the following post below:

Facts about Malaga 1: the rule

Roman Republic ruled Malaga in 218 BC. Then Malaka was called Malaca when it was ruled by Roman Empire.

Facts about Malaga 2: Islamic Rule

It was called Malaqah when the city was under the Islamic Rule. It was after the Roman Empire fell. Then it was controlled by Crown of Castile in 1487.

Malaga Art

Malaga Art

Facts about Malaga 3: an open museum

Malaga is considered as an open museum due to the presence of monuments and remains of Christian, Arabic, Roman and Phoenician periods. The people who visit the city will realize the history of the city 3,000 years ago.

Facts about Malaga 4: nomination

Malaga earned a nomination or European Capital of Culture in 2016 due to its amazing artistic and cultural heritage.

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Facts about Malaga 5: the birthplace of notable people

Some notable people were born in Malaga. They include actor Antonio Banderas, painter Pablo Picasso, and philosopher Solomon Ibn Gabirol.

Malaga Pic

Malaga Pic

Facts about Malaga 6: the economic sources

The economic sources of Malaga are focused on the technology services, tourism industries and construction. The expansion is also spotted in logistics and transportation sectors.

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Facts about Malaga 7: the oldest remain

The walls of Phoenician city are considered as the oldest remains in Malaga. In 1951, there was a rediscovery of Roman theatre in the city. It was traced back in the first century BC.

Facts about Malaga 8: Basílica y Real Santuario de Santa María de la Victoria

In the latter 17th century, Basílica y Real Santuario de Santa María de la Victoria was constructed. It has the decorative Baroque plasterworks and vertical volume on its chapel.

Facts about Malaga

Facts about Malaga

Facts about Malaga 9: other amazing sights

San Felipe Neri Church, Atarazanas Market, Church of the Sacred Heart, La Concepción and Church of the Holy Martyrs are the other major sights in Malaga.

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Facts about Malaga 10: museum

Malaga is a home for 28 museums. The prominent ones to visit are Museo Carmen Thyssen and Museo de Málaga.

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