Top 10 Facts about Manitoba

Post On: May 13, 2017
By: Agustina

A province located in Canada is explained on Facts about Manitoba. Manitoba along with Saskatchewan and Alberta are included in three Prairie Provinces.  It is a home for 1.3 million people. Therefore, it is considered as the fifth most populous country in Canada. The area covered by Manitoba is 250,900 square miles or 649,950 sq km.  The landscape of Manitoba is impressive. Saskatchewan is located at the west part, while Ontario is to the east. Let us find out other important facts about Manitoba below:

Facts about Manitoba 1: the native people

Manitoba has been a home for the aboriginal people for more than thousands of year. The area was visited by the fur traders in the end of 17th century.

Facts about Manitoba 2: an armed uprising

An armed uprising was conducted by Métis people due to the negotiation to establish Manitoba Province in 1869. The conflict between the Government of Canada and Métis people is called Red River Rebellion.

facts about Manitoba

facts about Manitoba

Facts about Manitoba 3: Winnipeg

Winnipeg serves as the largest city and capital of Manitoba.  The provincial court, legislative assembly of Manitoba and seat of government are housed in Winnipeg.

Facts about Manitoba 4: climate

The extreme continental climate is perceived in Manitoba. The increase of temperature is spotted from east to west. It will be decreased from south to north.

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Facts about Manitoba 5: the clear sky

Manitoba has high level of clear sky according to the report of Environment Canada. In the winter and spring seasons, it is the sunniest province. In the summer season, Manitoba is placed at no.2 for the clearest sky.

Manitoba Animal

Manitoba Animal

Facts about Manitoba 6: the ecozones

Manitoba has five ecozones. They are the Hudson plains, boreal shield, taiga shield, prairie, boreal plains. The forest covers 48 percent of the land area in Manitoba or 102,000 square miles of land area.

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Facts about Manitoba 7: the plants in the forest

Spruces, balsam fir, pines, poplars, tamarack, and birches are the prevalent types of plants in Manitoba.

Facts about Manitoba 8: the animals

The most prominent animals, which live in the province, are the northern polar bears. The Polar Bear Capital is used to call Churchill.

Manitoba Pictures

Manitoba Pictures

Facts about Manitoba 9: economy

Manitoba has impressive level of economy. The natural resources are the primary sources of economy in Manitoba.

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Facts about Manitoba 10: the gross domestic product

In 2008, Manitoba had the gross domestic product, which reached C$50.834 billion.

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