Top 10 Facts about Martial Arts

Post On: June 16, 2017
By: Agustina
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Facts about Martial Arts will tell you with a type of combat practiced by the people for a number of purposes.  People learn martial arts for law enforcement applications, military, self-defense, entertainment, spiritual development, mental development, and preservation of culture. Not many people realize that this combat system was originally used to call the combat system in 1550s. However, people use the term to call the combat system in eastern Asia. Let me show you other interesting facts about martial arts below:

Facts about Martial Arts 1: the term

The term martial art is taken from the Latin term, the Roman god of war. It means arts of Mars.

Facts about Martial Arts 2: the criteria

There are a number of criteria to define the martial arts.   The styles are available in contemporary, modern or traditional martial arts.

Facts about Martial Arts

Facts about Martial Arts

Facts about Martial Arts 3: techniques

Martial arts divided according to the type of weapon are available in various options. It can be in stick fighting or swordsmanship.

Facts about Martial Arts 4: the type of combat

If you divide it according to the type of combat, you can pick the ground fighting or stand-up fighting. Grappling or striking fighting is also available.

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Facts about Martial Arts 5: Chinese tradition

Martial art is always noted within the Chinese tradition. It is divided in two major types. Both are the internal and external styles.

Martial Art

Martial Art

Facts about Martial Arts 6: strikes

Strikes in martial arts are available in a number of options. Kicking is found in taekwondo, savate, and capoeira. Punching is found in karate, wing chun and boxing. Other types of strikes are also spotted in sanshoue and Muay Thai.

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Facts about Martial Arts 7: unarmed

The unarmed martial arts do not use any weapon. It can be divided into grappling or strikes. The former one is divided in a number of techniques such as pinning, joint lock and throwing.

Facts about Martial Arts 8: Japanese martial arts

In Japanese martial arts, the students are specialized in a type of weapon. Archery is specialized in kyudo. Staff is found in bojutsu. The sword is spotted on kendo.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Facts about Martial Arts 9: the medicinal practice

The medicinal practice is also spotted in some martial arts in Asia. Herbalism and bone setting are noted in traditional Asian martial arts.

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Facts about Martial Arts 10: monks and nuns

The monks and nuns in the past were also associated with traditional martial arts.

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