Top 10 facts about Mechanical Engineering

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Talking about discipline that applied engineering, physics, and material science principle to design, analyse, manufacture and maintain mechanical system will be found on top 10 facts about Mechanical Engineering. The field of mechanical engineering require understanding in some core areas including mehcanics, dynamics, thermodynamics, material science, structural analysis, and electricity. This field uses main tools such as computer-aided design (CAD) and product life cycle management, and such like. To know more the interesting facts about mechanical engineering may you do not know, will amaze you. Please read the description below.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 1: History

Mechanical engineering was recognised and applied since long time ago. Archimedes had big influence in development of mechanics in Western tradition around 287-212 BC. In 78-139 AD, Zhang Heng evolved water clock and discovered a seismometer in China. Interestingly, during the golden age of Islamic (7th to 15th century), Muslims inventors and developers got remarkable involvement in mechanical engineering field. In 1206, Al Jazari wrote the phenomenal Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices and illustrated great number of mechanical designs. He also invented the very basic of mechanisms, namely crankshaft and camshaft.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 2: Education

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most popular field offered by universities almost from the whole world with several differencies system of education. For example, in Australia, mechanical engineering degrees are awarded as Bachelor of Engineering or Mechanical. The degree takes 4 years of full-study. While in other regions like in India, China and North America, the length of education is 4 to 5 years. The alumnus were awarded by Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of science engineering, and Bachelor of Technology.

facts about mechanical engineering (Archimedes screw)

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 3: Course Work

To provide the uniformity each country’s accreditation in substantial subject material offered. The fundamental subjects of mechanical engineering usually contain Mathematics, Basic Physics and Chemistry, Statics and Dynamics, Materials of Engineering, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Energy Conversion, Fuels, Combustion, Vibration, Mechatronics, Engineering Design, Computer-aided Design (CAD) and so on.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 4: License and Regulation

License may be given by government. The license is to refer that engineers have standar and qualification of the necessary technical knowledge, real-world experience, and allowance to operate engineering at a professional level.

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Facts about Mechanical Engineering 5: Job Description

Generally, mechanical engineers typically do some tasks. They commonly analyse problems connected by mechanical to face the problems, design or redesign mechanical and thermal devices through computer-aided design, develop prototypes, and such like.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 6: Salaries and Statistics of Workforce

In 2015, the American engineers workforce was roughly 1.6 million. While the median annual income of them reached $80,580 in 2012. Then in 2014, the number of workforces in mechanical engineering increased by 5%.

facts about mechanical engineering

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 7: Modern Tools

Recently, most of modern tools used for developing the product of mechanical engineering. The modern tools mostly used kinds of computer programmes, such as computer-aided engineering, computer-aided design, and such like.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 8: Subdisciplines

The subdisciplens of mechanical engineering were given in undergraduate school such as glossary of mechanical engineering, related journals, etc.

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 9: Related Fields

The fields that have connection with mechanical engineering such as manufacturing engineering and automotive engineering.

facts about mechanical enginnering

Facts about Mechanical Engineering 10: Areas of Research

Here are some fields of research in mechanical engineering,  micro electro-mechanical systems, composites, and mechatronics.

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