Top 10 Interesting Facts about Latvia

Post On: December 6, 2016
By: Agustina

Interesting Facts about Latvia tell the readers about a country located in Baltic region of Northern Europe. The official name of the country is Republic of Latvia. There are three Baltic States and Latvia is one of them.  It has the area of 24,938 square miles or 64,589 km square. It is occupied by at least 1,957,200 people. Let us get other interesting facts about Latvia below:

Interesting Facts about Latvia 1: the capital city

Riga is the capital of Latvia. In 2014, it earned the status as the European Capital of Culture. In 1918, the country was founded with a democratic parliamentary republic.  The official language is Latvian.

Facts about Latvia

Facts about Latvia

Interesting Facts about Latvia 2: the division in Latvia

Latvia has 9 cities and 109 municipalities. All of them are included in 118 administrative divisions.

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Interesting Facts about Latvia 3: the indigenous people of Latvia

The indigenous people of Latvia include the Latvians and Livs.

Interesting Facts about Latvia 4: the culture of Latvians

The culture of Latvia is maintained through the presence of the musical tradition and language even though it was ruled by the foreign nation in 13th to 20th century. The identity of Latvian people is still perceived until today.

Kolka Latvia

Kolka Latvia

Interesting Facts about Latvia 5: the Russians

The Russians can be found living in Latvia even though some of them are not the citizens of Latvia. In the past, Latvia was occupied by Soviet Union.

Interesting Facts about Latvia 6: the religions

Protestant Lutheran is considered as the dominant religion in Latvia. However, Roman Catholic is spotted in most Latgale region in the southeast. Eastern Orthodox Christians are mostly spotted among the Russian people.



Interesting Facts about Latvia 7: the members of international organization

Latvia is a member of various organizations in the world, which include WTO, NATO, European Union, CBSS, United Nations and Council of Europe.

Interesting Facts about Latvia 8: the income of Latvia

On 1st July 2014, Latvia earned the status as a high-income country. The Human Development Index stated that Latvia was ranked at the 46th place.

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Interesting Facts about Latvia 9: the currency

On 1st January 2014, Latvia applied Euro as their official currency. In the past, it used lats.

Facts about Latvia

Facts about Latvia

Interesting Facts about Latvia 10: the Gauja

The Gauja is considered as the longest river in Latvia. It has the length of 281 miles or 452 kilometer.

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