10 Amazing Facts about Lego

Post On: December 21, 2016
By: Agustina

Amazing Facts about Lego will talk about the company located in Billund Denmark. This Lego Group is very famous in the world due to the manufacturing of Lego brand toys. Lego is defined as the plastic bricks, which have the interlocking design.  Besides the Lego toys, people are amused with the Legoland. It is the amusement park of Lego located in various countries in the world.  If you are interested to get Lego bricks, you can visit their retail stores. Here are other interesting facts about Lego to notice:

Amazing Facts about Lego 1: the foundation of Lego Company

Ole Kirk Christiansen established the company on August 10th, 1932.

Lego Facts

Lego Facts

Amazing Facts about Lego 2: the origin of the word lego

The meaning of the word Lego is play well for it is taken from Danish words leg godt.  The word Lego means differently in other languages. In Italian, it means, “I tie” or “I connect”. In Latin, the meaning of Lego is “I put together”.

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Amazing Facts about Lego 3: the largest company

The record of the largest toy company by revenue is taken by the Lego Group in the first half of 2015.

Amazing Facts about Lego 4: the sales

The total sales of Lego were US$2.1 billion during the first half of 2015. The competitor like Mattel could not surpass Lego’s sales.



Amazing Facts about Lego 5:  the beginning of Lego

During the beginning of 20th century, the company produced the small playthings made of wood. The history of the company was dated back for almost 100 years.

Amazing Facts about Lego 6: the manufacturing process

In 1947, the beginning of the manufacturing process of Lego took place in Denmark. Now the factories of Lego can be found in various regions in the world.

Amazing Facts about Lego 7: the expired Lego patent

Today, many toy companies in the world begin to produce the similar interlocking bricks because the patent of Lego has been expired.

Amazing Facts about Lego 8: the competitors

The competitors of Lego Company such as Best-Lock, Mega Bloks and Tyco Toys produce the interlocking bricks.

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Amazing Facts about Lego 9: the price

The price of Lego sets actually is more expensive than the one produced by their competitors.

Facts about Lego

Facts about Lego

Amazing Facts about Lego 10: lawsuit

The lawsuit related to the copyright infringement has been applied by Lego Company several times. The Finland customs authorities captured a large shipment, which contained the Lego like products in 2003.

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