10 Facts about Michael Kenna

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Some pieces of information would be revealed in the 10 facts about Michael Kenna that only few people known. Michael Kenna was born in 1953 is an English Photographer that best known for his unusual black and white landscapes. Please read the explanation below to know more about facts about Michael Kenna.

Facts 1 : The Early Life of Michael Kenna

Michael Kenna was born in 1953 in the small industrial town of Widnes in the northwest of England. Kenna grew up with five siblings in a poor, working-class, Irish-Catholic family. Michael Kenna attended seminary school for seven years (until 17 years old), with the intention of becoming a priest. Subsequently, he decided against joining the holy priesthood in favor of a more creative career, despite the fact that his family would not have considered his interest a realistic livelihood option.

Facts 2 : Academic Background

Michael Kenna attended to the Banbury School of Art, where he received his first photographic instruction, Kenna applied to the London College of Printing in both the graphic design and commercial photography departments, he graduated in 1976.

Widnes England

Facts 3 : Landscape Photographic

While pursuing his hobby of landscape photography, he took every chance to practice his craft commercially.

Facts 4 : Hobby that Becomes Commercially

In term of to be more commercially, he photographed theater dress rehearsals, and of record companies and the press; assisted other photographers, and sold stock photos of henri Cartier-Bresson, Cornel Capa, Marc Riboud and Jackues-Henri lartigue for the John Hillelson Agency on Fleet Street.

Facts 5 : The Kenna’s Career in 1977

Kenna moved to San Fansisco in 1977, for the opportunity to show and sell his work in galleries. He met Ruth Bernhard who hired him as her printer in 1977. Then, over the next eight years, she introduced him to the creative potential of the printing process, in her unique methods of manipulating and interpreting a negative.

Michael Kenna work

Facts 6 : Kenna’s Work

Kenna’s photography focuses on unusual landscapes with ethereal light achieved by photographing at dawn or at night with exposure of up 10 hours. He has mainly used Hasseblad medium format and Holga cameras and this account for the square format of most of his photographs, since 1986. The main exception was for the photographs in Monique’s Kindergarten for which a 4×5 large format camera was employed.

Facts 7 : The Clients of kenna’s Work

Kenna also has done commercial work for such clients as Volvo, rolls-Royce, Audi, Sprint, Don Perignon and The Spanish Tourism Board. In 2000, the Ministry of Culture in France made Kenna a Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters.

Facts 8 : The Kenna’s Publication Between 1984-1985

  • 1984: Michael Kenna Photographs. Stephen Wirtz Gallery and The Weston Gallery
  • 1985: The Hound of The Baskervilles. Arion

Michael Kenna Work

Facts 9 : The Kenna’s Publication in 2012 and 2017

  • 2012: In France. Portland, OR: Nazraeli
  • 2017: Abruzzo. Italy, OR: Nazraeli

Facts 10 : Kennas’ Awards

  • 2013: Hae-sun Lee Photography Award, Photographic Artist Association of Korea, Seoul, Korea, 2013
  • 2016: Special Photographer Award, Higashikawa, Hokkaido, Japan

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