10 Facts about Macy’s

Post On: April 10, 2017
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You will be informed with the notable department store on Facts about Macy’s. Macy’s Inc is the owner of the Macy’s. The original name is R.H. Macy & Co.  Bloomingdale’s is another company owned by Macy’s Inc. This department store has been operated in various regions in Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and United States. It has 728 department store locations. The Midtown Manhattan in New York City features the Herald Square flagship of Macy’s. Let us check other interesting facts about Macy’s below:

Facts about Macy’s 1: the annual event

The annual event conducted by Macy’s is Thanksgiving Day Parade. The tradition has been spotted since 1924 in New York City.

Facts about Macy’s 2: as a sponsor

Since 1976, Macy’s has been the sponsor for the Fourth of July firework display in New York City.

Facts about Macy's

Facts about Macy’s

Facts about Macy’s 3: the impressive department store

Macy’s is a famous department store in United States. Do you know that the list of the largest department stores in the world always has Macy’s Herald Square on its list? The retail space covers the area of 1.1 million sq ft. One block of New York City is covered by Macy’s. The storage and offices are located on the additional spaces.

Facts about Macy’s 4: the value of Macy’s Herald Square

Can you can count the value of Macy’s Herald Square?  The estimated value is $3 billion. According to the retail sales, Macy’s earned the record as the largest department store company in United States in 2015. If you check it based on the revenue, it earned the fifteenth place of the largest retailer in the country.

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Facts about Macy’s 5: the expansion

Macy’s operated 850 stores of department stores after May Company stores were acquired as of 9 September 2006.

Macy's Facts

Macy’s Facts

Facts about Macy’s 6: the hit song

Have you ever heard “Dancing in the Street”? It was the hit song used by Macy’s in its advertising campaign. In 2006, Macy had focused on product placement and TV ads to market and introduce their products.

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Facts about Macy’s 7: New York Production Services

New York Production Services was a commercial and independent film production company, which mostly created the TV advertising for Macy’s.

Facts about Macy’s 8: product placement

The product placement of Macy’s was found in the two episodes of Desperate Housewives aired on ABC. It was in the episodes of “Now You Know” and “I Remember That”.

Macy's Pictures

Macy’s Pictures

Facts about Macy’s 9: closing the stores

Macy’s made an announcement on 11th August 2016 that they will close 100 stores in the beginning of 2017.

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Facts about Macy’s 10: the store locations

The store locations of Macy’s were divided in four geographical locations. They were Macy’s South, Macy’s East, Macy’s Central and Macy’s North.

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