10 Facts about Lindow Man

Post On: January 30, 2017
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The preserved bog body known as Peter Marsh is explained on Facts about Lindow Man. People also recognize it as Lindow II.  It was named after the discovery location of the body located at a peat bog of Lindow Moss. The commercial peat-cutters discovered the body in a peat bog on August 1st, 1984. A year before the discovery of Lindow Man, Lindow Woman was found in the moss.

Facts about Lindow Man 1: the importance of Lindow Man

The discovery of Lindow Man had social implication since the media were interested to report it. There is no need to wonder that Lindow Man is entitled as one of the most important archaeological finds in 1980s.

Facts about Lindow Man

Facts about Lindow Man

Facts about Lindow Man 2: the British bog bodies

The people were in the state of interest when studying the bog bodies discovered in many parts of Europe. The discovery of Lindow Man was important to increase the interest to study the bog bodies especially in Britain.

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Facts about Lindow Man 3:  at the time of Lindow Man’s death

It was believed that Lindow Man was in his mid-20s at the time of his death. Moreover, he had a healthy body.

Facts about Lindow Man 4: the high status

The experts speculate that Lindow Man was from a family with high social class.  The body only has limited heavy work.

Lindow Man Pic

Lindow Man Pic

Facts about Lindow Man 5: the death of Lindow Man

The reason of Lindow Man’s death is still in dispute over the years.  He was strangled after having the charred bread for his last meal. His head was hit, while his throat was cut. It was believed that the violent death of him was ritualistic. His face was down when the body was deposited at Lindow Moss.

Facts about Lindow Man 6: the period of death

The period of death of Lindow Man probably took place during the Iron Age or Romano-British Period. It was between 2 BC and 119 AD.

Lindow Man Images

Lindow Man Images

Facts about Lindow Man 7: the display

If you are interested to view Lindow Man with your own eyes, you can come to British Museum. It was on permanent display. The freeze-drying body is well preserved due to the peat bog.

Facts about Lindow Man 8: the other venues

In some occasions, Lindow Man is displayed in other museums.

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Facts about Lindow Man 9: Lindow Moss during the medieval period

During the medieval time, Lindow Moss was known as a common land.

Lindow Man

Lindow Man

Facts about Lindow Man 10: the bog size

The peat bog in Lindow Moss now has decreased size. People were recorded drowning on the bog by the writers from 18th century.

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