10 Interesting facts about The Mesosphere

Post On: February 27, 2019
By: Andi

This is time to tell you the 10 interesting facts about the mesosphere. The word of mesosphere came from Greek “mesos” means middle. Mesosphere is the layer of the earth atmosphere that is directly above the stratosphere and directly below the thermosphere. You can find amazing information about the mesosphere in this article.

Facts about the Mesosphere 1: The Boundaries of Mesosphere

The exact upper and lower boundaries of the mesosphere vary with latitude and with season (higher in winter at the tropics, lower in summer and at the poles), but the lower boundary is usually located at heights from 50 to 65 kilometres above the earth’s surface and the upper boundary is usually around 85 to 100 kilometres.

Facts about the Mesosphere 2: The Spans Heights of Mesosphere

The spans heights of the mesosphere are from approximately 10 kilometres (33,000 ft; 6.2 mi) to 100 kilometres (62 mi; 330,000 ft).

10 interesting about mesosphere

Facts about the Mesosphere 3: The Term Near Space

The term near space is also sometimes used. This term does not have a technical definition, but typically refers the region of the atmosphere up to 100 km, roughly between the armstrong limit (above which humans need a pressure suit to survive) up to the Karman line where astrodynamics must take over from aerodynamics in order to achieve flight.

Facts about the Mesosphere 4: The Temperature of Mesosphere

The temperature decreases with increasing height, due to decreasing absorption of solar radiation by the rarefied atmosphere and increasing cooling by CO2 radiative emission.

Facts about the Mesosphere 5: Dynamic Features

Strong zonal (east-west) wind, atmospheric tides, internal atmospheric gravity waves (commonly called “gravity waves”), and planetary waves are the main dynamic features.

Facts about the Mesosphere 6: The Other Layer

The upper mesosphere is also the region of the ionosphere called the D layer. The D layer only appears during the day when some ionisation occurs with nitric oxide being ionised by Lyman series-alpha hydrogen radiation.

10 interesting about mesosphere

Facts about the Mesosphere 7: Ignorosphere

The mesosphere has been called Ignorosphere because it is poorly studied relative to the stratosphere (that can be accessed with high-altitude balloons) and the thermosphere (in which satellites can orbit).

Facts about the Mesosphere 8: Exploration

Near space was first explored in the 1930s. The early flights flew to the edge of space without computers, spacesuits, and with only crude life support systems. Notable people who flew in near space were Jean Piccard and his wife  Jeannette on the nearcraft The Century of Progress. The next exploration was mainly carried out by unmanned craft, although there have been skydiving attempts made from high-altitude ballons.

Facts about the Mesosphere 9: The Uses

The area is of interest for military surveillance purposes, scientific study, as well as to commercial interests for communications, and tourism. Craft that flies in near space include high-altitude ballons, non-rigid airships, rockoon to reach extreme altitudes and orbit. And these are still used today for sounding rockers.

10 interesting about mesosphere

Facts about the Mesosphere 10: Pheneomena in Mesosphere and Near space

Polar aurora, airglow, meteors, ozone layer, ionosphere, etc.

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