10 Facts about Mary Jackson

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You will be informed with an African American mathematician on Facts about Mary Jackson. She is also known as an aerospace engineer for NACA. In 1958, NASA succeeded NACA. Jackson was born on 9th April 1921 and died on 11th February 2005. Jackson spent most of her time working for Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. She began her career working for the segregated West Area Computing division. Why don’t you read the whole post below for details about Mary Jackson?

Facts about Mary Jackson 1: the record

Jackson took the record as the first black female engineer of NASA in 1958. Before she was employed at NASA, she had taken advanced engineering classes.

Facts about Mary Jackson 2: the title

Jackson was awarded with the most senior engineering title at NASA after working for the institution for 34 years.

Facts about Mary Jackson

Facts about Mary Jackson

Facts about Mary Jackson 3: a supervisor

Jackson was interested to become a supervisor at NASA realizing that it would give her further promotion.

Facts about Mary Jackson 4: as a manager

Jackson took the role as a manager for the Affirmative Action Program and Office of Equal Opportunity Programs in NASA. Both of them were the Federal Women’s Program.

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Facts about Mary Jackson 5: the role as a manager

Her role as a manager gave her authority to influence the promotion and employment of women in the mathematic, engineering and science careers at NASA.

Mary Jackson Pic

Mary Jackson Pic

Facts about Mary Jackson 6: the story about Jackson

In 2016, Hidden Figures: The Story of the African-American Women Who Helped Win the Space Race was published in the market. It was a non-fiction book, which featured the story of Jackson. A film adaptation was also made in 2016.

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Facts about Mary Jackson 7: parents and early life

Her parents were Frank and Ella Winston. She was raised in Hampton, Virginia. She earned the highest honors during the graduation from George P. Phoenix Training School.

Facts about Mary Jackson 8: Hampton Institute

In 1942, Hampton Institute awarded her with bachelor’s degrees in physical science and mathematics.

Mary Jackson

Mary Jackson

Facts about Mary Jackson 9: helping the black community

Jackson aided the black kids in her community to make a miniature wind tunnel in 1970.

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Facts about Mary Jackson 10: death

Jackson died at the age of 83 on 11th February 2005.

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