10 Facts about Lord Rama

Post On: March 10, 2017
By: Agustina

Let us find out the 7th avatar of Vishnu on Facts about Lord Rama. Vishnu is one of the important Gods in Hinduism. The greatness and ideals of Vishnu are reflected on his seventh incarnation on earth as Rama. The epic Ramayana has Rama as the central figure. The Vaishnava sects consider Rama as one of the Hindu deities. Many cultures in Southeast Asia and South Asia are related to the religious scriptures and texts about Rama.

Facts about Lord Rama 1: the life of Rama

According to epic Ramayana, the life of Rama is filled with many obstacles. He has to live in exile and leaves his throne to rule Ayodhya to maintain the honor of his father.

Facts about Lord Rama

Facts about Lord Rama

Facts about Lord Rama 2: living in exile

Lord Rama lived in the forest as a form of exile with 14 years. He lived with his brother Lakshmana and his wife Sita.

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Facts about Lord Rama 3: Ravana

Ravana was the king of Lanka who kidnapped the wife of Rama, Sita. The colossal war between Rama and the army of Ravana took place after Rama faced the long journey for searching Ravana and Sita.

Facts about Lord Rama 4: the end of the war

At the end of the war, Lord Rama won after he slayed Ravana. During the war, the magical and powerful beings participated.

Rama in Exile

Rama in Exile

Facts about Lord Rama 5: after the exile

He was crowned as the king of Ayodhya after spending 14 years in the exile.

Facts about Lord Rama 6: the reign of Rama as a king

When he became the king of Ayodhya, his reign was characterized with justice, prosperity, duty, peace and happiness.

Rama Story

Rama Story

Facts about Lord Rama 7: the importance of Rama legend

The legend of Rama narrated the religious duty, values and devotion of Lord Rama.

Facts about Lord Rama 8: Rishi Valmiki

Rishi Valmi composed the famous epic Ramayana. It has been filmed in various versions. The birthplace of Rama was located in Ayodhya, India. He was born on the ninth day of Chaitra lunar month. The celebration of Rama’s birthday is called Ram Navami.

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Facts about Lord Rama 9: the allies

During the battle with Ravana, the Vanaras of Kishkindha were the only allies of Lord Rama.



Facts about Lord Rama 10: Vibheeshana

Vibheeshana was the youngest brother of Ravana who decided to join Lord Rama in the battle.  Due to his failure to make Ravana return Sita and embrace the religious values, he joined Rama.

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