10 Facts about Louis Braille

Post On: March 13, 2017
By: Agustina

Louis Braille is always known as the inventor of the Braille system.  This system is still widely used by the visually impaired and blind people to assist writing and reading. This French educator will be explained on facts about Louis Braille. He was born on January 4th, 1809 and died on January 6th, 1852. Due to a childhood accident, Braille was blinded in both eyes during his early years. When he was still a boy, he mastered the disability.

Facts about Louis Braille 1: the education

Even though Braille was blind since his young age, he had great education. He was capable for pursuing higher education to France’s Royal Institute for Blind Youth through scholarship.

Louis Braille Facts

Louis Braille Facts

Facts about Louis Braille 2: developing the system

Braille started to develop a system to tactile code when he was enrolled at the institute.

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Facts about Louis Braille 3: the function of the system

Braille wanted to develop the system for it could assist the blind people to read and write effectively.

Facts about Louis Braille 4: the inspiration

Charles Barbier was the military cryptography who inspired Braille to create and develop the system of reading and writing for blind people.

Louis Braille

Louis Braille

Facts about Louis Braille 5: introducing the world

In 1824, Braille introduced his developed system to his peers in the institution.

Facts about Louis Braille 6: Braille’s life in adulthood

Braille was appointed as the professor in the institute when he reached adulthood. He spent most of the time expanding and improving his system. Many years after the death of Braille, the system was not used. Today, it has been used in many languages in the world for the blind people.

Louis Braille House

Louis Braille House

Facts about Louis Braille 7: the birthplace and family background

The birthplace of Braille was located in Coupvray, France. This small town was located around 20 mi from Paris. The family had a house located on the land and vineyards. His parents were Simon Rene and Monique. Louis had three elder siblings.

Facts about Louis Braille 8: blindness

The accident when he was three made him completely blind at the age of five. Since he was still young, he did not realize that he was blind.

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Facts about Louis Braille 9: the creativity and intelligence

Braille earned higher education due to his creative mind and high intelligence, which amazed the priests and teachers.

Facts about Louis Braille

Facts about Louis Braille

Facts about Louis Braille 10: the honor

The town square in his childhood home featured a large monument. Now the town square is called Braille Square.

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