10 Facts about Matthew Espinosa

Post On: August 10, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Matthew Espinosa talk about social media personality. People recognize him on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Vine is the popular application, which raises his fame at first. Due to his fame, he appeared in Be Somebody. This movie was released in 2016. Espinosa is also known as a member of Magcon Boys. Other members are Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Jacob Whitesides and Shawn Mendes. Let us get other details about Espinosa below:

Facts about Matthew Espinosa 1: at school

When he attended Bishop Ireton High School, he was a lacrosse and football player.

Facts about Matthew Espinosa 2: the presence of Espinosa

In September 2013, Espinosa appeared in McLean, Virginia at Tyson’s Corner Mall, which led into a minor riot.

Matthew Espinosa Facts

Matthew Espinosa Facts

Facts about Matthew Espinosa 3: on Twitter

Do you know that Espinosa was popular on Twitter? He had at least 3 million followers in June 2015.

Facts about Matthew Espinosa 4: a VidCon

Espinosa was a popular Youtube personality. He was in disguise when appearing at VidCon.  He was mobbed by the fans after being caught.

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Facts about Matthew Espinosa 5: the birthplace

Can you guess the birthplace of Espinosa?  It was in Woodbridge, Virginia. He also grew up there. Now, he settles in Los Angeles.

Matthew Espinosa

Matthew Espinosa

Facts about Matthew Espinosa 6: family

Laura is the name of his mother. His father is Rafael. His sister is Kristen. Dylan is the name of his brother.

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Facts about Matthew Espinosa 7: collaboration

Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen are the two notable internet sensations who have worked together with Espinosa.

Facts about Matthew Espinosa 8: Vine

Espinosa began his fame on Vine.  He realizes that he always wants to share his world with other people since he was a child. The app provides an opportunity to fulfill his aspiration. It allows him to share his life with his fans, friends, and family.

Facts about Matthew Espinosa

Facts about Matthew Espinosa

Facts about Matthew Espinosa 9: date of birth

The date of birth of Espinosa was on 7th July 1997. Now he is 20 years old. His book is published under the title Matthew Espinosa: More Than Me. Another movie, which features Espinosa, is 48 Hours to Live.

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Facts about Matthew Espinosa 10: nominations

Do you know that Espinosa has received a number of nominations? They include Teen Choice Award for Choice Viner and Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star: Male.

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