10 Facts about Matt Leblanc

Post On: August 17, 2017
By: Agustina

Facts about Matt Leblanc take about a notable American actor who was born on 25th July 1967. His full name is Matthew Steven Leblanc. People also recognize him as a producer, TV host and comedian. He raised prominence due to his role in Friends aired in 1994 until 2004 on NBC where he took the role as Joey Tribbiani. He also took part in Episodes, a comedy series aired in BBC as a fictional version of himself. Let us check other interesting facts about Matt Leblanc below:

Facts about Matt Leblanc 1: awards and nominations

Due to his portrayal of Joey Tribbiani on Friends, he earned a nomination on Emmy Awards three times. His work in Episodes earned him a Golden Globe award.

Facts about Matt Leblanc 2: a TV host

Now Leblanc focuses his work on Top Gear as a TV host for this BBC motoring show since 2016.

Facts about Matt LeBlanc

Facts about Matt LeBlanc

Facts about Matt Leblanc 3: the first appearance

The first appearance of Leblanc in the media was in Heinz Tomato Ketchup commercial in 1987.

Facts about Matt Leblanc 4: as an actor

Leblanc worked an actor when he took part in a TV drama TV 101. He had this job in 1988 for one season.   The he recurred his role in Married… with Children in 1991. This sitcom was aired on Fox.

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Facts about Matt Leblanc 5: music videos

The appearance of Leblanc was also spotted in music videos of Bon Jovi. In 1990, he appeared in “Miracle”. In 2000, he was seen in “Say It Isn’t So”.

Matt LeBlanc 1995

Matt LeBlanc 1995

Facts about Matt Leblanc 6: the successful role

The most successful role of Leblanc was his portrayal on Joey Tribbiani. He appeared on two seasons of Joey and 10 seasons of Friends.  He portrayed the role for 12 years.

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Facts about Matt Leblanc 7: films

Due to his success with Friends, he appeared in a number of movies such as Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003), Charlie’s Angels (2000), Ed (1996), Lookin’ Italian (1994), and Lost in Space (1998).

Facts about Matt Leblanc 8: as a producer

Leblanc also works as a producer with his Fort Hill Productions. In 2006, his production company co-produced The Prince.

Matt LeBlanc Facts

Matt LeBlanc Facts

Facts about Matt Leblanc 9: hiatus

Leblanc decided to have a one-year hiatus for Joey was canceled. However, it was extended into five years.

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Facts about Matt Leblanc 10: personal life

In May 2003, Leblanc and Melissa McKnight married. His wife is a former model from Britain.

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