10 Facts about Mexico Flag

Post On: April 30, 2020
By: Andi

You are going to find the amazing 10 facts about Mexico Flag through reading this article. The Mexico flag is a vertical tricolour of green, white and red with national coat of arms charged in the centre of the white stripe.

Facts 1 : The History of Mexico Flag

The various flags were used during the war of independence from Spain. Many historians consider the first Mexican flag to be the standard of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which was carried by Miguel Hidalgo after the Grito de Dolores on September 16, 1810.

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Facts 2 : Design of Mexico Flag

The official design of the flag passed in 1984. The flag contains three colours such as green, white and red.

Mexico flag

Facts 3 : The Differences with Italian Flag

Between Italian and Mexico has the same tone of colors, that are green, white and red. In the Mexican flag has a darker shade of green and red.

Facts 4 : Protocol

The civilians who want to give the following salute to the national flag: standing at attention (firms), they raise their right arms and place their right hand on chests, exactly in front of the heart. The hand is flat and the palm of the hand is facing the ground.

Facts 5 : Civil Ceremonies

The flag day in Mexico becomes a national holiday. The flag day is celebrated every year on February 24 since its implementation in 1937. The President of Mexico General Lazaro Cardenas established the flag song

Facts 6 : The Variants of Mexico Flag

There are two kinds of Mexico flags that mostly used by the state and federal governments. There is the differentiation between the national flag and the variants are the designs of the coat of arms. The design used by the president of Mexico and secretaries of federal bodies, the entire coat of arms is coloured gold, with the exception of the tricolour ribbon, which is green, white and red and with the stone, lake and talons of the eagle coloured in silver. In the second variant is used mostly by state governments and federal bodies who are not able to use the first variant.

Facts 7 : Regulation for Use

The flag is operated under the law. Hence, a special permit is needed to broadcast its image.

Facts 8 : Monumental Flag

Interestingly, the Mexico president, Ernesto Zedillo, started a program to erect giant flag across the country. This program directed by the Secretariat of National Defense.

Facts 9 : Pledge of Fidelity

The following pledge of fidelity is taken every February 22 and any day whenever new flags are given to the institution.

Facts 10 : The Location of the Monumental Flag Programme

Here are some of the location to conduct the monumental flag, such as Piedras Negras, Monterrey, Mexico City, etc.

Those are all the information that we can give it to you. I do hope you enjoy and love this article. Is Facts about Mexico Flag makes your information about general information of Mexico that you should know increase?