10 Fun Facts about Mexican Wolves

Post On: July 23, 2020
By: Andi

What do you know the fun facts about mexican wolves? The mexican wolf or public called as the Lobo, is a subspecies of grey wolf once native top Southeastern Arizona, Southern New Mexico, western Texas and northern Mexico. In some pieces of information below, you can find other facts about Mexican Wolves.

Facts 1 : The Taxonomy of Mexican Wolf

In 1929, Edward Nelson and Edward Goldman described that the mexican wolf is a distinct subspecies in 1929 on account its small size, narrow skull dan dark pelt. The wolf is including as a subspecies of Canis Lupus in the taxonomy authority.

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Facts 2 : The Lineage of Mexican Wolf

Some researchers propose that the Mexican wolf’s ancestors were likely the first grey wolves to cross the Bering Land Bridge into north America during the late Pleistocene after the exticntion of the Beringin wolf, colonising most of the continent until pushed southwards by the newly arrived ancestor of C.I.nubilus.

Mexican Wolf

Facts 3 : Hybridisation with Coyotes and Red Wolves

Unlike eastern wolves and red wolves, the grey wolf species rarely interbreeds with coyotes and grey wolves was never explicitly observed.

Facts 4 : The Distribution of Mexican Wolves

The early accounts of the distribution of the Mexican wolf included southeastern Arizona, Southwestern New Mexico, sometimes western texas, USA and the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico. This past distribution is supported by ecological, morphological, and physiographic data.

Facts 5 : The History of Mexican Wolves

The Wolf considered as a symbol of war and the sun. Wolves were also sacrificed in religious rituals, that involved quartering the animals and keeping their heads as attire for priests and warriors.

Facts 6 : the Decline of The Mexican Wolves

Between 1915-1920, there was a rapid reduction of Mexican wolf populations in the Southwestern United States, by the middle 1920s, livestock losses to Mexican wolves became rare in areas where the costs once ranged in the million of dollars.

Mexican Wolf skull

Facts 7 : Conservation and Recovery of Mexican Wolves

In 1976, the Mexican wolf was listed as endangered under the U.S Endangered Species Act, with the Mexican wolf recovery team being formed three years later by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The recovery team composed the Mexican Wolf Recovery plan, that callled for the reestablishment of at least 100 wolves in their historic range through a captive breeding program.

Facts 8: The Progress of The Population of Mexican Wolves

In February 2015, a study released by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service shows a minimum population of 109 wolves in 2014 in southwest new Mexico and southeast Arizona, a 31% increase from 2013.

Facts 9 : The Population of Mexican Wolves in Alpine

According to a survey done on the population of the Mexican wolf in Alpine, Arizona, the recovery if the species is being negatively impacted due to poaching.

Facts 10 : The Development of Mexican Wolves Population

In 2019, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife services discovered that 52 of 90 wolf pups born earlier in 2018 had survived to adulthood.

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